On rainy days, scientific driving is the key. Immediate cleaning and maintenance can not be forgotte

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-11

The rain has been continuous recently. How to operate properly in rainwater weather is very important for vehicle maintenance.

First, pay attention to the passage of water. Ponding is often encountered in rainwater weather. Experts remind that less than 50% of tyres can be reached, and there will be no big problems in general cars, so there will be no big problems and they can pass safely. If the wading depth is higher and the tire has not been crossed, then it should be noted that it is easy to cause damage to the engine. To determine whether the engine is damaged, you can stop the car and open the cover of the air filter, and see if there is any problem with the air filter. If there is a problem with the engine, the piston point will produce abnormal pressure. If you continue to use, it may cause greater damage to the engine, which is very dangerous. Generally speaking, if the water level is higher than the headlights, do not go.

Secondly, attention should be paid to the cleaning of vehicles. Rainwater has a certain degree of acidity. Attention should be paid to cleaning and drying, otherwise it will oxidize and rust the body and chassis and accelerate the aging of vehicles.

In addition, it needs to be reminded that if the vehicle is suddenly caught in water by soaking in a drain, it should not be forced to start, but a trailer, or it may cause the engine to burst, and may not be compensated by the insurance company because of improper operation. If the vehicle is flooded, it should go to the 4S shop for corresponding diagnosis and maintenance.

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