A safety treasure for driving a hatchback car in rainy days in summer

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-11

Recently, many areas of the country have been subjected to heavy rain “ baptism ” not only people travel a lot of inconvenience, water, wet slippery pavement, blurred sight … … the bad driving environment has caused a lot of traffic accidents, and traffic safety questions are more prominent. However, there is no need to worry that we can weather the rainy season safely with careful driving and vehicle safety precautions.

Make sure the vision is clear

when driving in the rain, the driver's sight is obstructed and the driving conditions around him can not be clearly seen. It is easy to judge mistakes and cause potential danger. Therefore, it is particularly important for the driver to have a clear vision. Taking Dongfeng Citroen C2 as an example, the area of its front windshield is 1.2 square meters, which has a fairly wide field of vision. In addition, you should make sure your vision is clear when reversing. Many owners often forget to turn on the wipers after reversing. However, some cars are very humane, equipped with automatic wiper function. For example, C2, when the front wiper is opened, once the owner reverses, the wiper will automatically start.

Avoid wading

vehicles often choke when water is accumulated. Even some of the lower chassis vehicles, parked in the parking lot, are unfortunately soaked by water, causing the engine to enter water. And C2 2010, such as the 15 - Inch aluminum alloy hub vehicles, because the wheel has a larger radius and a higher chassis, it is less easy to be soaked in the key components.

If the engine is found to be flameout when the engine is found, we must not fire again in the water. As long as it does not start, the engine will not have much damage.

Turn anti side slip

slippery road, friction between tyre and ground decreases, wheel skidding is unavoidable, especially when turning. When driving in the rain, we must slow down and slow down the brakes when turning.

of course, the stability of the vehicle itself is also very important. Because of the high cost, the four independent suspension is not popular in hatchback cars. C2 is one of the few independent suspension models. C2 adopts longitudinal swing arm rear independent suspension, and the adhesion between wheels and the ground is large, so as to minimize the sideslip of vehicles.

Keep the distance of the car

when driving in the rain, the owners are not sure how to control the braking distance, so keep the safe distance with the front car at all times, not to follow the cart and avoid rear end collision.

in fact, the wet slippery road is very demanding for the braking performance of the vehicle, and the ABS+EBD system is essential. Taking C2 as an example, its braking is sensitive and accurate, and the braking distance of 80km/h is only 30 meters. Even on slippery roads, the braking distance is excellent.

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