In spring, moisture-proof and bacteria control is the key to paint preservation

Category:Body maintenance - Date:2018-04-11

with the advent of the rainy season in spring, moisture-proof and bacteria control has come into being. Car Focus “ focus on ” objects, many owners also prefer to choose in the spring of their own car maintenance, and in the spring how the car maintenance, the specific maintenance of the specific details, with these questions, reporters recently interviewed related car beauty shop and 4S professional maintenance shop related professionals, for the owner of the car owners Spring car protection provides practical service information.

Prevention of moisture and bacteria is the key point

Because of the humid climate in spring, the bacteria and the virus are easy to grow. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the disinfection and anti bacteria work in the car so as to keep the car dry and sanitary. When the vehicle owner takes the car to the relevant vehicle maintenance shop, we should pay attention to some situations inside the car body. Related professionals told reporters, in addition to the car skin pad cracks such as visible bacteria, and more attention to some health corner, including the air vent, air conditioning filter, and so on, because of the South wet and rainy, the car air conditioning pipeline is more likely to have bacteria, if not timely cleaning, there is a great threat to the health of the personnel in the car.

Related4S store automobile maintenance personnel told reporters that in addition to timely cleaning car air conditioning, there are some usual can do the anti mold tips. It is in the rainy weather, you can park the car after the fire, the car air conditioning fan to the maximum, maintain 3~5 minutes or so. This can effectively blow out the moisture in the air conditioning pipeline. However, this trick can only delay the growth of mold. If you want to clean the air conditioner thoroughly, it is better to go to the professional store, replace the new air conditioning filter core or use some special air conditioner cleaning agent to rinse the air conditioning line.

Anticorrosion in lacquer surface is also important

in addition to moistureproof in spring, the body should also pay attention to &ldquo, acid &rdquo. With the increase of city (reference, picture, inquiry) acid rain, this season should pay more attention to the protection of the surface of the paint, and the car paint bare in the air, it is very easy to suffer from the acid rain in the spring, so it is necessary to give the car more wax, glaze or coating, so that the paint is more protective.

Related professionals to the reporter, although the car wax can brighten the body, but the anti acid function is not durable, if the conditions permit, it is best to give the car a glaze or coating, the glaze can be completely anti acid and dustproof, the duration of up to 2 to 3 months, these can keep the durable light of the car paint, and can protect the car paint. Not affected by sand and rain.

after paying attention to automotive lacquer, we should also focus on other parts of the vehicle. Because there is more rain in the south, it is necessary to check the problems of the wiper, such as the aging should be changed in time, and the car headlights should be inspected if there is water seepage and fog, which may cause safety threats to the traffic in the case of more rain in the south. In addition, water is easy to enter the brake system except that it will enter the lamp. It is necessary to check the brake fluid regularly so as to prevent the boiling point of the brake fluid from falling, the brake pipe produces gas resistance and causes the brake failure.

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