Rainy season with hot and heavy rain after maintenance thirteen strokes

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-11

hot weather is not a patent in summer. It also brings difficulties to the maintenance of cars with the heat and rainy season. After the heavy rain, our car has been washed by the rain. If the necessary inspection and maintenance is not carried out in time, it is easy to make the car malfunction and bury the hidden danger. So after the heavy rain, we should do a comprehensive check on the car, so as to prevent the car from being damaged by rain.

1. check whether there is water in the oil. The oil intake will cause deterioration of the oil, lose lubrication, and cause the engine to wear too much.

2. check whether the gearbox is flooded or not, the gearbox will deteriorate the gear oil in the gearbox and cause the gear to wear. It is the rear axle driven vehicle or check whether the differential is water or not.

3. check whether the line connector has been soaked in the rain. If there is rust, the vehicle electrical appliances will not work properly.

4. checks brake oil and four wheel brakes. Water in brake fluid causes brake oil to deteriorate, resulting in brake failure.

5. if the exhaust pipe enters the water, remove the accumulated water as soon as possible, so as to prevent the impurities in the water from blocking up three yuan catalytic converter or damaging the oxygen sensor.

6. check whether the battery is flooded and replace the electrolyte if necessary.

7. electric spray car to check the engine control computer whether or not water, water will lead to short circuit, the computer burned, if the computer is found to water, to cut off the power, blow dry with a hair dryer.

8. automatic transmission vehicle must check the automatic transmission and gearbox to control whether the computer is flooded.

9. must thoroughly clean the car body, because the mud splashed on the car will cause the paint to deteriorate and the steel plate to rust. Clean the chassis, wash the sediment above, and the chassis is the most close to the ground. Wax and glaze maintenance for the body, so as not to cause damage to the paint surface.

when.10. is on a clear day, all the doors and rear compartment covers are opened, ventilation is drained, the seat covers, pads are removed and dried, and the dirt in the car is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

11. will remove the battery negative line as soon as possible, so as to avoid short circuiting of various electrical appliances on the vehicle due to water intake.

when the.12. car comes out of the water, it needs to check the engine: first check the engine cylinder if there is no water, the water will cause the connecting rod to bend and damage the engine.

13. will dry the car's soaked items (seat covers, pads, etc.) as soon as possible, so as to avoid moldy.

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