When the rainy season comes, the car wiper is broken. What should the owner do?

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-11

the wiper structure is very simple, mainly a brush plus a motor, with relatively few faults. Even if the windshield wiper failed, it was mostly because the fuse was burned. As long as the fuse box is opened, the fuse of the wiper is found, and it can continue to be used if it is pulled out. There are two main types of fuse: chip fuse and glass tube fuse. If a piece of fuse is burned, it can be replaced by a fuse on other secondary lines if it is not prepared and happens to run in the rain. If you use the fuse of the horn, you can borrow the fuse of the headlight during the day.

the glass tube type fuse can be replaced by tin foil in the cigarette case besides the above modifications. The method is to replace the tin foil with a few circles around the glass tube.

Driving in the rainy day, no matter the rain is big or small, if the windshield wiper can not be ruled out, can not effectively scrape the windshield above the rain, people's sight will be extremely reduced, security will not be guaranteed. It can be solved by using the soapy soil method at this time. It is to put a layer of soap on the windshield and at least maintain a clear line of sight for thirty or forty minutes. It can also smear soap on the rear window glass to improve the condition of poor rear vision. The soap can help us even though the wiper has broken down, but sometimes we don't have soap in the car, and we don't have to buy it nearby. In this case, if you can pick up cigarette butts on the roadside and spread them on windshield, you can solve the problem. If the cigarette end is also difficult to find, there is also a trick, that is to find some slightly thicker, more water content in the roadside leaves, crumbled on the windshield, which can play a role.

wipers are covered with rubber sheets and inserted in the end of the rocker arm. Therefore, for a long time, the wiper blade will fall off, causing the end of the rocker arm to be rubbed directly into the windshield, not only will not clean the rain, but it will scratch the glass. Two wiper slices at the same time is not a lot of falling down, if the left is the driver's seat, you can take the right assistant seat wiper piece down, install to the left, then find a piece of cloth on the right of the wiper head bandage, if the trouble, simply dismantle the rocker, to avoid windshield wiper.

Windshield in front of the driver, the role is very important, not only to protect the safety of the driver, dust, rain, sand and strong wind, but also to allow drivers to see more distant road conditions, to ensure safe driving. On the other hand, the windshield material is brittle and hard. As long as there is scratch on the surface, it will burst if it touches lightly, so we must protect it and never allow it to scratch. Scratching windshield is also attached to the dust on the windshield wiper. The dust scratch is a lot of sand glass like fine lines. Even at such a high speed, even such thin scratches can cause the windshield to burst. In the past, many people couldn't find the cause of the sudden explosion of windscreen on the highway. (big river net)

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