Summer to the automobile rainy season overhaul ten big strategy need to know

Category:Repair technology - Date:2018-04-11

The summer is coming, and the rainy season has come again. Car It is the most easy to be short of moisture in rainy days. In order to extend the service life of the vehicle, and to ensure the safety of the drivers, Xiaobian summarizes ten rainy season vehicle maintenance strategies for your reference.

A windshield should be clean

because when it rains cats and dogs, the windshield wiper will not see clearly, and the field of vision will be very small. To cope with such a situation, we should clean the windshield in front of the car in peacetime. And if the road is wet, it must be cleaned with splash.

The rear window of the rear view mirror is kept clean by two.

The rearview mirror and the rear window will be contaminated with water droplets, which will be slow to the distance, so the eyes can easily feel tired, so before starting, please clean the rearview mirrors and rear windows on both sides.

Three inspection of the wiper system

scratching caused by poor sight is a common automobile accident in rainy days. The rain in the rain keeps the line of sight without the wiper. When the rain is torrential, what appears before the driver is the boundless white. If the wiper's ability to sweep is seriously reduced, it will directly affect the safety of driving. So the wiper system should be examined in a rainy day, to see if the rubber of the wiper piece is aging, the blade of the wiper piece is deformed, the glass cleaning fluid is sufficient, the spray nozzle is normal, and it is also remembered to remove the sundries between the wiper pieces.

The four day window drains should be cleared up

long time no use or dirty air in the environment will result in a lot of dirt inside the skylight. For example, dust, leaves and so on. These sundries can be washed into the skylight drain and blocked by the rain, and when the drainage pipe is blocked, the water in the trough exceeds the height of the drain. It will enter the interior of the vehicle, causing damage to the interior of the vehicle. The sunroof drain pipe is usually located in the four corners of the skylight, connected to the roof drain and the drainage holes near the door or the front and rear fenders.

Five check the seal of the vehicle

the problem of rainy days is the short circuit in the water. There are rubber sealing strips in the car door frame and other locations. On the one hand, it ensures the sound insulation of the vehicle, and on the other hand, it also ensures the tightness of the vehicle. In the seal of vehicle, old and old vehicles need to be paid more attention to. It is necessary to check and clean the door, bottom drainage hole and rubber seal ring on the chassis. If the drainage holes are blocked or the rubber seal ring is not sealed well, it is easy to cause the car to enter into the car when driving in the rainy day or through the accumulated water pavement, which will cause the short circuit of the power line of the car. The vehicle controller damage and so on.

Six examination of fetal pressure

driving on rainy days will raise higher requirements for tyres. The depth of tread pattern should not be less than 2 to 3 millimeters in rainy season, preferably 4 mm. Because the depth of tread is too low, it is easy to form water film between tread and water surface, resulting in vehicle deviation, tail flick and braking distance lengthening. For measuring the depth of tread, it is better to use a special measuring ruler. If not, coins or wooden sticks can be used instead. In addition, too low tire pressure will also aggravate the degree of slippage. Although the tire pressure is too low, it increases the friction between the tire and the ground, thus increasing the adhesion, but the adhesion is very limited relative to the pressure of the unit area of the tire and the ground. The car brakes in the rain, the most important thing is to have enough pressure to drain the rain between the tire and the road to stop the car, so it is safer to keep a high tire pressure on a rainy day.

Seven check the lights of the vehicle

Before driving on a rainy day, check whether the lights are complete, especially the front and back fog lights, because the fog lights provide good lighting to the front and back of the vehicle in low visibility weather, and will be used especially frequently in the rainy days, and the slightest problem can not be found.

Eight check the brakes

The brake part should also be examined to see if there is a leakage of oil, whether the brake is normal, and whether the wear degree of the brake disc and the brake disc is in a safe range.

Nine keep safe driving distance

Because of the fuzzy relationship between the rainy days, the owner of the car should ensure a wider safety distance than usual in the process of driving, driving in the rain, pay attention to the speed and direction of the car at any time, and never speed over the car because of the slow speed of the front car. In the expressway, because the speed of each lane is relatively high, the driver's angle of view is narrower and the road is slippery, and when the line is overtaking, the direction of the slightly moving is easy to cause the skid of the wheel and cause the car rollover and other accidents.

Ten avoid vehicles with deep water

when driving on rainy days, we should pay more attention to avoiding deeper water. If it is necessary to wade in the drive, the gearbox should be set at 1-2 gears at low speed and at one go (without automatic manual mode). Vehicle model Can also hang to L gear), do not have high gear low speed and sudden rush, make the vehicle slow and smooth through, avoid the water inhalation air filter, cause the engine water to extinguish.

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