In the face of paint killer, car paint maintenance can not be ignored

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Car The maintenance of the paint must not be ignored

automobile paint has little impact on the overall performance of the automobile, but it plays a leading role in the aesthetics of the car. Lacquer killer is ubiquitous at ordinary times, exhausts automobile exhaust and iron powder in air, natural oxidation of paint surface and so on.

it is now in the rainy season. After the rain, owners usually wash their cars in time. Bird droppings, gum and so on are the biggest enemies of car paints. People in the industry remind car owners: in the rainy season, we should pay special attention to acid rain, bird droppings, gum and iron powder corrosion to vehicle paints.

1. Oxidation of lacquer surface

under the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, the paint film continuously evaporates into the air to protect itself. The length of time will cause excessive loss of oil in the paint. The brightness and depth of the paint surface are greatly reduced, making the paint slowly whitening, forming oxide layer and shortening the service life of the paint. The naked eye can be seen in the naked eye, white and glossy. Oxidation can be seriously treated by grinding and polishing.

Two, traffic “ membrane ”

the car has a strong electrostatic layer due to friction in running. Static electricity has strong adsorption capacity for dust, oil and chemical dust, and it forms a hard traffic membrane for a long time. It is easy to oxidize the paint surface, and it can be treated by lapping and polishing.


If it is not necessary to make some necessary care for the paint, the metal paint may produce a very small crack, it will continuously permeate the car paint until “ break through the ” the whole paint layer, this phenomenon is called “ crack ”. Sometimes cracks occur because of the quality of heavy spray paint. If there are vehicle wax in the cracks, the body will have striped cracks. Often wax can be less cracked and produced.

Four, discoloration

oil fumes and pollutants in the atmosphere are the main causes of fading and discoloration of automotive paints. When fading and oxidation are different, the color of car paints is uneven when fading occurs. Moderate and mild fading can be treated by grinding and polishing.

Five, erosion mark

The erosion marks are surface abrasion. Insects, bird droppings, sap, tar and bitumen are all likely to cause erosion marks. Only very slight can be used for grinding and polishing.

Six, shallow scratch

because of the improper use of friction and improper daily care, the paint scratches slightly and the primer is not exposed for a long time. Sunshine The lower size is obvious. General use of professional polishing method can be removed.

Seven, water mark

The line of water marks is ring-shaped. It is a trace left by the evaporation of water droplets. The oxidized car and the car used in common washing spirit are more easily dyed with water marks.

after knowing the harm of paint, we must find a feasible way to maintain it. At present, most methods of painting are waxing, sealing and coating. But what's the difference between these? Then let's get to know.

Introduction of the difference and function of the installation process


The types of wax are different and their functions are different. The car owners can choose the wax according to the needs, such as the wax to repair the function, the wax for the brightening function, the acid rain, the antistatic wax and so on.

Waxing operation should also be carried out in a certain order, small area treatment, the strength of the hand should be uniform, and keep the consistency of the direction of wax, after the formation of wax film in the paint, waiting for a few minutes, it can be felt when the car wax is just dry and not stick to hand, then hand erasure.

The maintenance of the car's lacquer surface should not be ignored

in general, waxing once every two months or a month will be adjusted at any time according to climatic conditions. Wax contains abrasive particles, which often cause damage to vehicles. Therefore, do not choose inferior wax when choosing wax.


The so-called glaze treatment is to press the vehicle protection agent into the interior of the car paint through a special machine to form a network protection layer. The protective layer makes the surface of the vehicle like the surface of the pottery, so the image is called the glaze. The greatest advantage of the glaze treatment is that it is equivalent to wearing a transparent coat, which can prevent the vehicle from ultraviolet radiation, acid and alkali erosion, windproof sand blowing, protection of car paint from oxidation to fade, and the glaze also can be fireproof and anti oil pollution and mild hard material scraping.

After sealing the glaze, the number of car washing can be reduced. But glazing is not permanent. It basically needs to deal with vehicles once a year. The old car can also do the glaze treatment, but first to deal with the surface of the body which has been oxidized. In general, the beauty shop will also use the brightening agent to restore the faded car paint and then seal the glaze.


coating also forms a wax protective layer on the surface of the vehicle. The liquid wax, with negative ions, is evenly sprayed onto the car paint with a coating machine. The liquid wax will be automatically adsorbed on the car paint because the liquid wax is static. The coating is more closely associated with the car paint than the usual manual wax, and the duration of the wax is longer than the usual time. The effect of coating can be maintained for more than a year, but it is difficult to exceed two years.


so the new protective film is made from environmental and stable raw materials such as plants and silicon. It avoids the problem of causing &ldquo on the surface of car paint, and oxidizing &rdquo together, and it can maintain the effect for a long time.

in order to avoid this defect, two measures were taken:

1, using non oxidizing raw materials and stable synthesis.

the combination of.2 and transformation is “ covering ” it adheres to the lacquer surface in the form of transparent &ldquo, membrane &rdquo, and avoids the damage to the surface of the paint. At the same time, it also avoids the influence of the protective agent itself on the lacquer. Keep the original color of the car lacquer for a long time. Moreover, due to the tight structure of the membrane, it is difficult to destroy, so that it can greatly reduce the damage of external force to the paint surface.

Different raw materials for the operation process and Idea the difference will inevitably lead to the difference in technology. The protective film has been applied with mild smearing and wiping.

coating has the highest cost, the longest life and the least damage to paint.

glazing costs are moderate, and the use period is about half a year to a year.

waxing costs are the lowest, the use period is the shortest, and the damage to the lacquer surface is greater.

according to the cost, it is no doubt that waxing is the least cost and the most economical. But in the long run, coating is good for the maintenance of paint, small damage, and can also prevent corrosion, small scraping and so on. Although glazing is acceptable, glazing is harmful to the paint. A wise man sees wisdom, believing that everyone has his own choice.

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