It is necessary to have a comprehensive inspection of the car on May 1 holiday

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-10

Is this may day out? Many people's answer is positive. Going out to play, going home to see their parents, the car becomes the necessary transportation for holidays. Self driving can not be taken care of as usual, and accidents of great and small in the journey will also hurt the car.

Do a four round position change engine oil

the engine is the heart of the car. After &ldquo, long distance running &rdquo, the owner must first check the engine oil and water level of the vehicle. If it is automatic block Vehicle model It is also necessary to check the loss of the gearbox oil. Long distance travel will consume gearbox oil, if excessive consumption should be replenished in time. In addition, it is best to change engine oil after returning from driving, because the engine's high temperature may cause oil to dilute and deteriorate. In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the loosening of the engine belt.

a bumpy journey brings a continuous impact on the chassis, and it may also cause the four wheel alignment to change, resulting in abnormal wear of the tire. Therefore, after returning from the journey, the owner should make a four round of positioning for his car according to the situation. Especially after bumpy roads such as mountain roads, severe vibration will damage the steering system. When detecting vehicles, we should observe whether the ball heads of steering gear are loose or not, and check and tighten the screws of the chassis parts.

A good check on the tires and brakes

When testing the tires, the tire pressure must be measured first, and the same tire pressure is kept in the four wheel. If there is an abnormal low tire pressure, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the tire is pierced, and some should be repaired in time. If the wound is too big or the wound is on the wall, then only the new tyres can be replaced. If the axle tyre wear is large, two tyres should be replaced at the same time to ensure the same frictional force and ensure driving safety. The reasons for the failure of the tire dynamic balance may be not only the imbalance of the hub deformation, the tire wear, but also the strong bump, and the balance block, which is clamped on the hub, is shaken out. Therefore, it is also necessary to make dynamic balancing for each tire according to the situation.

the frequent braking and gravel laden environment will seriously wear the brake system. If the wear exceeds the factory's lower limit scale, or when the brake is on the brakes, the &ldquo, the hiss of &rdquo, the abnormal noise, that means that the brake disc is also changed when the check is replaced, and the replacement of the brake system must be regular.4S store

Instant maintenance of body appearance

After long distance driving, due to the influence of the road or local climate conditions, the dustproof accessories on the direction rod and bearing are often damaged, which causes the inflexibility of the direction system or the automatic back to the position, so we have to do the inspection.

a collision accident on the road is naturally required to be sent to the repair shop for repair. The scratches left unintentionally should be selected as paint or used as the depth of the wound. Car The method of beauty is repaired. For high-speed vehicles, it is unavoidable to be attacked by wind erosion. After driving home, even if there is no lacquer surface damage and other small problems, it is also a good choice to make a paintsurface maintenance for the car.

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