Frequent inspection and frequent maintenance will reduce the cost of your car

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-10

Now, there are more and more cars, car consumption has become a big part of people's daily expenses, which methods and tricks can help us save the cost of car use.

Trick 1: wait for a long intersection and try to stall.

Car engine failure is known to reduce idle fuel consumption. Most cars cost about 1 kilometre of fuel for 3 minutes at idle, so it can be seen that the red light can save fuel consumption by flameout according to the specific waiting time.

The number of two: long distance downhill should be taken with block and sliding

in the age of carburettor, coaches and veteran engineers always warn us that downhill skidding is not safe, but it can save fuel consumption. Carburetor for pure mechanical oil supply Vehicle model the theory is completely correct, but for EFI vehicles, it is totally different.

Three: pay attention to rational maintenance

Most cars now 4 S shop all the additional businesses, such as deep maintenance, have been launched to clean the intake port and oil circuit thoroughly. Further maintenance requires specific machines and cleaners. After cleaning, it is necessary to repair diagnostic computer monitoring and adjust the value.

The number of four: the tire pressure is reasonable

low pressure is the largest natural enemy of the tire. It will not only aggravate the wear of the tread pattern at the outer edge of the tire (or the shoulder), but also produce too much heat and reduce the service life of the tire. In addition, it will also increase fuel consumption due to increased rolling resistance, soften the tires and make it difficult for vehicles to move forward.

And the pressure is too high to be harmful to the tire. Too much pressure will cause most of the weight of the vehicle at the center of the tread, causing the tire to wear out faster and wear more evenly. Check air pressure at least once every month and use accurate tire pressure gauge. Reasonable tire pressure can reduce friction, and to a certain extent, it can save energy consumption.

The number of five: how fast and good to wash the car

car wash helps to reduce the corrosion of automobile paints in acid rain or dust. If there is a condition, wash the car two times a week, and insist on washing the car at least once a week. The increased spending on car washing will definitely be rewarded. The car wash is not done on the surface, but also by high pressure water gun washing inside the wheel hub brake. This can remove the dust and sand on the disc brake, reduce the wear of the brake disc, and also remove the attachments on the wheel hub to avoid premature aging.

Six: clever maintenance of provincial expenditure

air filters, clutch plates and brake pads do not need to be replaced. Car owners can make their own judgment: with air guns blowing air filter, it can be used to continue to use; as long as the clutch does not skid, there is no need to replace the clutch plate; check the thickness of the brake disc, to meet the requirements without replacing the new.

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