Spring Festival Car rental prices increase three times, attention should be paid to the number of ki

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during the Spring Festival, train tickets are hard to buy, air tickets are too expensive and long-distance. Car Too crowded, how to choose to go home, the recent people “ a headache ” in previous years, more and more people choose to hire a car home for the new year.

Journalists have learned from a number of Companies in Xiasha car rentals that some small car rental companies have no short renting business, and professional car rental companies such as the Shenzhou car rental prices have turned about 3 times. By the end of the year, the price will rise, and the people who want to rent a car should take the time.

The reporter learned from the Shenzhou car renting. Honda KIA K2 Buick these three economic cars are welcomed by the owners of rental cars because of their high cost performance. Take the flight as an example, not 40 yuan per day insurance, in January 9th car rental only 169 yuan, and in the period of the year (January 31st) rental is required 518 yuan, monthly car rental price difference of 3 times the end of the month. Some special offers for activities Vehicle model For example, renting The Kai Yue only 69 yuan (from Monday to Thursday). During the new year, the rental price of Excelle rose to 538 yuan, and the price difference was about seven or eight times.

The staff of the Shenzhou car rentals told reporters that the CAE is an active vehicle, the price is not representative, but the price of the car is about 3 times the usual period of the year, and there are more than 20 days for the new year, the closer to the Spring Festival, the price will be higher and the car source will become very tense. “ at present, most of the cars are booked up, leaving only two cars of Excel and speed. ”

in addition to the rise in prices, some car rental companies also restricted the rental time during the Spring Festival, and at least 3 days, many must be rented for 15 days. People who want to rent a car must plan as soon as possible and make reservations as soon as possible.

Pay attention to car renting and pay attention to these three points

What are the places to pay attention to? What is the accident on the road? This reporter consulted a car rental staff, the other side reminded to pay attention to the following aspects:

First of all, we should understand the daily limit of the car and the billing standard after the limit, and carefully understand the regulations of the renewal of the lease and the lease overtime, so as to avoid the objection afterwards. When we lift the car, we must check the car carefully, first inspect the vehicle from the exterior, see if the car body has scratches, whether the lamp is complete, whether the car lock is normal or not. Then open the car cover, check the battery, oil, refrigerant and other abnormalities, and finally enter the driver's cab, test drive, determine the basic state of the vehicle. For the special functions and usage of some models, we should consult with the company in time to facilitate the use of vehicles in the future.

if there is an accident during the car rental, it is the same as that of the private car, parking, the site, the alarm, and contact with the leasing company at the same time, indicating the details of the accident, taking the steps to respond to the company's requirements, and waiting for the professional personnel to carry out the accident rescue. It is necessary to pay special attention to the insurance premium paid by most of the car rental companies, which must be more than 1500 yuan, which means that, like simple scraping, glass fragmentation, and so on, all the car rental owners need to take on their own.

Staff last special emphasis: the Spring Festival home, the road to pay attention to safety, to be stable, not overspeed more fatigue driving, ice and snow weather, to keep a clear line of sight, slow slow, do not random overtake the road, it is best to prepare enough in advance to cope with all kinds of sudden conditions.

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