Drive manually, manually block the emergency, simply cut off the power

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-10

See Rhonda ·, a retired American woman in Tennessee on TV; Smith cried at the hearing that she was driving the life and death test of Lexus ES350 in 2006. She said, “ I just turned the car to the outside, and the car suddenly accelerated. I didn't put my foot on the accelerator … … I started to step on the brakes, but the car still didn't respond to … … I changed to the air, and I didn't respond, God! When I put the gear on the reverse gear, the car continued to move forward; … … ”

seeing here, my first reaction is that she must drive an automatic block. If it is manual block, this happens, so long as the clutch is pushed down, the power transmission will be cut off immediately. Here, I do not want to analyze the reason for the recall of TOYOTA. I just suddenly had the urge to persuade everyone to try to manually block the car.

now automatic gear is becoming more and more popular, manual gear is getting smaller and smaller. When I bought a car just now, when I was going to pick up the car, the dealer told me: &ldquo, you are the first vehicle in Guangzhou area. ” fewer and fewer manual operators, but I didn't expect that to be less.

every time I emphasize the benefits of manual block, the reaction of others is often &ldquo: I do not race car, what manual gear to open, and how convenient it is for automatic transmission. — — besides, the wife wants to open it. ”

in fact, I do not drag racing. Apart from challenging the limit fuel consumption, I do not have any other special driving habits. The reason why I stick to a manual stop is not just because it's more economical, and most of all, I just feel that I'm controlling the car, rather than relying on the computer instructions.

here, I have another attempt: to drive manually. In fact, manual car blocking is not as difficult to open as many people think, but a psychological and skilled problem, now the manual transmission is only a single clutch, very easy to master.

Manual gear is first cheap, generally less than 10 thousand yuan cheaper than the same type, and second, manual gear saving, do not believe that CVT or DSG is more fuel saving myth than manual gear, perhaps in theory, they do, but in practice, — — at least my driving practice tells me that manual gear is the most economical, Of course, it depends to some extent on your driving skills; more importantly, a manual shift can achieve real driving fun. For example, in an emergency, it is impossible to get the brake effect of low gear in an emergency. The transmission of the hand is good, but the effect is much worse than … …

At the most urgent time, for example, in the case of Ms. Smith, the manual model can cut off the power simply, but the automatic model can fail, because the automatic model is not a shift, but an electronic instruction. The problem is, so far, we all know that computers are often ineffective.

A few years ago there was a joke. The engineers of Silicon Valley in the United States met the engineers in Detroit. The former mocked the latter saying that if we were developing the same speed as you would, you might still be using a transistor computer. The latter replied that if our car and your computer were like hundreds of kilometers away, they would die once.

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