Deformation or replacement of car door is safer and higher cost

Category:Repair technology - Date:2018-04-10

Car is the car door repaired or replaced after its impact is deformed? Recently, the car owner of Nancheng had encountered such a situation. In this regard, automobile maintenance professional Wei Shifu said that if considering the overall coordination and sealing, it needs to be replaced.

The collision and deformation of the open door during parking

on the evening of.2 month 26, Miss Lu drove his friend home. When he stopped the car on the side of the road, when his friend opened the door and got off the car, an electric car crashed into the right rear door. Fortunately, the owner of the electric car just scratched his hand. But Miss Lu's car door was knocked out of shape and the door was completely closed.

when Miss Lu drove the car to the repair shop for repairs, the other party suggested that it could repair or replace the entire door, but the latter would be more expensive.4S store it is recommended that Miss Lu take the insurance, but Miss Lu only bought a strong insurance and did not buy commercial insurance, so the whole cost was paid by Miss Lu.

The replacement is safer but the cost is high

in this regard, master Wei, a vehicle maintenance professional, said that if you want to save money, you can repair it, but the effect after repair is certainly not coordinated with the original car door. If we consider the overall coordination and tightness, we suggest replacing the new one, but the cost will be even higher.

Master Wei said that now many 4S stores are usually replaced, because this can ensure the overall beauty and sealing performance of the vehicle after repair.

“ in fact, the car door collision and deformation of this small accident often occur, so I hope that the owner whether to send guests off or their own off, must pay attention to the car before the car, to ensure the safety of the door and get off the car. &rdquo, master Wei said.

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