How can we solve the problem of door leakage and abnormal sound during idling?

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-10

What about the leakage of the car's door?

Reader Miss Mo asked: when driving during the Spring Festival, because the old family often rains, it is found that the door has leakage of water, in addition, the door seal gum, how should this be dealt with?

reply: according to the door leakage described by you, it should be a quality problem. Vehicle model the bottom of the door of the car has a design opening to export the water in the entry board from the window seams and other parts. In fact, it is to protect the interior of the door from the corrosion damage.

door sealing strip can be directly pasted with double-sided adhesive with good quality, such as 3M double sided adhesive. If the opening range is too large, it can be directly reached4S store Replace or repair.

Do you need to change the thinning of the front brake disc?

The reader, Miss Zhu, asked: her Car It has been opened for more than 30 thousand kilometers, but when the vehicle is checked in the near future, the car's front brake disc has become thinner. The status of this situation will weaken the braking performance to ensure that the owner is not driving crazy.

reply: the general automatic transmission consumes more for the front brake pad because the same system is used for braking and clutch shifting. The front wheel brake dust is determined according to the material of the brake disc. If the maintenance professional of the 4S shop recommends replacement, it can be changed normally.

for another problem, braking efficiency is a key factor to weigh the safety performance of a vehicle, so it is impossible for manufacturers to reduce it.

Idle speed What do you do with the click?

reader, Miss Qin asked: when driving a car recently, it was found that the car was ticking when it was idle. How do I deal with this problem?

Reply: when the engine is at idling, it makes a click, it is something that can not be heard when it is flapping, speeding up and driving. There are two reasons for this phenomenon, one may be the cylinder valve, and it is suggested that you go to the 4S store to adjust the valve. Two may be lack of oil or oil pressure is relatively low, therefore, it is recommended to 4S shop to do oil and oil pressure detection.

Headlights and fog lights How do you do it suddenly?

Mr. Lin asked: Recently, when driving, it was discovered that the headlights and fog lamps would suddenly die out. How should I deal with them?

Reply: in the case of the malfunction you expressed, it is suggested that the 4S shop or the maintenance shop be able to test the performance of the lamp integration module, and see if it is due to the bad phenomenon in the corresponding parts. If the control module plug corrosion, water and other virtual connection factors, the above phenomena will be caused by the bump road conditions.

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