When the car enters the water, it helps to save the car owner

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Last year, a man under the Beijing canal bridge was trapped in a watertight cross-country car. In recent days, a female driver in Shenzhen was drowned in a culvert. Successive misfortunes sparked the public's thinking about the weak ability of the drivers to save themselves. Many people in Jiangmen industry suggested that Car self rescue knowledge should be included in the vehicle driving test system, and enhance the self rescue ability of owners from the source to avoid the recurrence of car owners drowning.

Women owners save their knowledge Less than the male owner

According to a survey by the reporter, many car owners have a lack of knowledge about self rescue. Among them, the majority of female owners and the rough statistics of journalists, nearly 80% of the male owners know how to save themselves in the water, and 70% of the female owners are less concerned about the time, and do not know much about it. “ busy at work, less concerned about the car business, and do not know if the Shenzhen car owner drowned in the culvert on rainy days. &rdquo, the owner of the car, said Miss Gu, who seldom read special knowledge of car rescue. “ if that happens, call the police and get out of the car. &rdquo, the car owner, Miss Xiao, said he was a good swimmer. If he could not open the door, he could swim out of the glass.

According to the introduction of the industry, in the mechanical aspect, the female is innate to the male, because the driver's license examination does not involve the training of self rescue in driving, and the female owner usually seldom gets the relevant car safety knowledge by other means, so the emergency ability of the female owner is general in the case of a sudden accident. It is weaker.

“ automobile self rescue knowledge popularization is also relatively small. After typical accidents, the media owners reported their concerns. &rdquo, the senior car industry personage Mr. Chen said, the media occupies the leading force in the knowledge propaganda of auto driving, such as a few years ago, some buses did not configure the escape hammer, and then passed the 7· after the 23 Yongwen line especially the railway traffic accident and the Beijing rainstorm flood report, more and more people know its importance and fled. The product of life hammers and their functions is gradually recognized by car owners. However, experts pointed out that relying solely on the power of the media is not enough, the government departments have to step up publicity efforts to popularize car owners' self-help knowledge through various channels.

suggestion to improve the design of automobile

In addition to knowing how to save knowledge and how to save themselves, car owners can better escape by improving the related design to facilitate the accident. It is understood that when the car is immersed more than half of the car's door, it is difficult to open the door of the car by the pressure of the external water. And the rain irrigation can cause the circuit short circuit of the car, which leads to the unlocking control of the car door window. In response, a car owner suggested whether the car manufacturer could design the function of automatically unlocking doors and windows, automatically unlocking the horizontal line to a certain height. “ now car control is mostly electronically controlled. Can we design the cab here to be electrically controlled, manual and dual purpose to facilitate escape? &rdquo, car owner Mr. Su said, at the same time, whether it can design to break easily from inside to outside or to design a small weak spot, so that the owner can smash the window and save himself.

According to the industry, the car also has a lot of convenient car owners to save the design, such as the car head pillow design can be used as a safety hammer, the car glass design around the edge is thin and easy to break, but the car owners in the use of cars, there are misunderstandings, such as after the car added explosion-proof film, in the increase of explosion-proof, cooling and so on Special functions will also greatly increase the difficulty of breaking glass.

“ the auto rescue measures are finally achieved through human ability, after all, the owner should master the self-help knowledge, otherwise the self rescue design will not be used as well. &rdquo, Mr. Chen said that it is suggested that the knowledge of driving safety and self-help should be incorporated into the driver's license system, so as to enhance the safety education of vehicle owners.

Misunderstandings of auto water immersion

1, waiting blindly

When the car falls into full water, it is roughly 2 minutes. When the accumulator overflows the accumulator, the circuit will be short circuited, resulting in the lock of the circuit and the failure of the window. After falling into the water, the car should call the police for help at the first time and save the car from escaping.

2, do not understand the escape from the reserve box

general manufacturers will install emergency escape rings in the trunk of the car. Because of its mechanical operation, the circuit damage can also be opened. Therefore, when the vehicle is trapped in the vehicle, the vehicle can be pushed back into the back-up compartment, and the escape ring can be pulled out.

3, erroneous knocking glass position

if the doors and windows of the vehicle have not been opened after the vehicle has fallen into the water, the owner should concentrate on the window to escape. When you hit the window, you should knock the edges and four corners of the glass, especially the middle of the glass edge, and avoid knocking on the front windshield, because the windshield is hard to break, and the explosion-proof film will also increase the difficulty of knocking. It is suggested that a special safety hammer should be provided in the vehicle.


the design of the culvert road in Jiangmen is less

The car is soaked in water

According to the insiders, the area of Jiangmen road is almost half a meter deep. In addition to the large flood or the waterlogging in the city, the car will not be completely soaked in water. It is understood that the car owner drowning incident in addition to careless driving into the river or encountering extreme weather, usually occurs in the drainage and deep sink culverts or underground parking lot, of which the subsidence type overpass will become &ldquo because of the low terrain, and once the drainage is not smooth; the life pool is ” At present, the Jianshe Road section of Jiangmen is building a sinking flyover, and the South Road downbridge of the Xinhui center is built in 2006. According to the relevant people, there has not been a sinking water overpass in the sinking type flyover bridge in Jiangmen.

“ there are few incidents of car flooding and car owners trapped in Jiangmen. After all, Jiangmen culverts have fewer road designs. ” Jiangmen fire department related people said that if the owners were trapped under the water, the rescue was more complex, the fire department will arrive at the scene for the first time after the alarm and implement the rescue for the scene.

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