All vehicle maintenance in autumn is analyzed

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-10

After the fall, with the gradual cooling of the weather, many car owners started to make &ldquo for their cars; the beauty and detoxification ” after all, after a summer's wind and sun, the window opened for a long time, the car has accumulated a lot of dust in the car, the soot on the mat, the block stains on the seat surface, and the shoes on the lower side of the inner door. The dust on the prints, the instrument boards and the roof needs to be dealt with well.

Tian Jun Da Car Gao Long, the sales manager of sales and Service Co., Ltd., said that the owner of the car had to carry out &ldquo for his car, &rdquo, and there were many aspects to be noticed.

The leather seat

Do not blow dry with a blower

at present, the car seats are basically divided into two types: leather seats and flannelette seats. For these two seats, there are differences in maintenance methods. When the owners do their own clean leather seats, do not spray the chemical cleaners freely, and choose some strong alkaline cleaning agents, such as soapy water in common use in life. Apply a proper amount of soapy water on a soft towel, gently wipe, and dry out soap and ventilation, then wipe two times with a wet towel without soap. Yes. In this process, we should not use the hair dryer to dry quickly, the leather can not be insolated, the use of cotton paper or soft towels to dry, to avoid scratching the dermis, causing skin fracture, and the best in the cool and ventilated place to dry & the best in this process. Rdquo;.

fabric fabric seats are relatively simple to handle. When the cashmere seat is not very dirty, it can be combined with a long hair brush and a strong suction vacuum cleaner, while the seat surface is brushed and the dirt is sucked out with the suction mouth of the vacuum cleaner.

Carpets in the car

Do not completely soak in water and scrub

The most easily dirty in the car is the carpet, the high dragon expresses, in the car carpet cleaning, many consumers will easily enter the misunderstanding, when cleaning the whole carpet is completely immersed in water and brushing. In fact, this method is not advisable. On the one hand, all soaking will destroy the bonding of different layers of material inside the carpet, on the other hand, the washed carpet may cause damp in the car and corrode the chassis of the car.

In fact, for the carpet that is not very dirty, it can be dusted with the suction machine of the hair brush head. If the carpet is very dirty, then the dust removal work is carried out before the detergent is used, then a proper amount of detergent is sprinkled, the brush is washed clean, and the superfluous detergent will be sucked out with a clean cloth at the end. The carpet will be clean and soft as before.

Cleaning dashboard

Use antistatic cleaners

For the cleaning of the dashboard and the middle control table, Gao long tells the reporter that the principle of cleaning in the dermis is basically similar to the principle of the seat cleaning. The tools to be used for cleaning the central console are clean rag, neutral detergent and water, and avoid wet wipes. The need to remind consumers is that when choosing the type of detergent, it is best to use anti-static plastic special cleaning agent, the effect will be better.

As the ditches of the dashboard are so many, the owner can prepare a “ a special tool ” use a variety of different thickness of wood or ruler slices to repair the head into a slanted triangle, a rectangle, or a sharp shape, and then wrap it with a clean cloth, simple and effective. The dashboard can be maintained with the surface of the sheet wax.

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