As far as possible, the engine clutch is easily injured

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“ manual cars are you starting in one gear or starting in two gear &rdquo? In November 23rd, net friend hyunique was on the 19 floor “ pull the wind Car” posting asking for starting skills has aroused great discussion among riders. Some riders say they usually start in the two gear, which is not only convenient but also fuel efficient. Some riders strongly refute this, saying that it is very harmful to do this. Is it feasible for the two gear to start? We interviewed several people in the industry to see what they said.

The two block starts to be mixed with “ the old driver ”

Hangzhou car friend “ Wu Yong ” (net name) open a 1.6L displacement manual block. Fiat The weekend wind, driving age for 6 years. From the first one or two years, he has been following the &ldquo of the driving school teacher; a block of start ” the time is long, he found that his car two gear can start, and the start feeling is not different, think every time the car is always a block one straight up to five gear, since the two gear start and a gear is similar, the claim from two gear start, province start, province start, province start, province start, province start, start from two gear, province start, province start, province start, province start, start from two gear, province start, province start, province start, province start, province start, start from two gear, province start, province start, province start, province start, start from two gear, province start, province start, province start, province start, province start from two gear, province start, province start, province start, province start, start from two gear, Province You have to hang out.

“ Wu Yong ” he is now accustomed to starting the two gear, “ sometimes hanging on the three block and starting off! ”

There is a car friend, &ldquo. I notice that many taxi drivers often start with two blocks. Do they drive a lot? I started with the two gear to learn from them. ” another rider said, “ when driving, he often consulted full-time drivers of the unit and found that they often started off in two blocks and asked them why. They say they are used to it. ”

An old driver who has been driving for more than 20 years said “ when he first learned to drive a big truck, the master told me that if it was the gearbox of four gear, it started with one gear. If the gearbox was five gear, it started with two gears, and now it opened the car and used to start with two gears. ”

not only can two blocks start, but many of them have experience of three blocks or even higher gear starting. 19 floor car friend “ happy self driving ” said, once a colleague bets with him, said that there is no external force on the ground to hang five blocks can not take the step, bet a “ profit group ” the result is 5 minutes later “ happy self driving ” win 1 good groups.

It is because of “ the teacher and Fu ” a lot of experience, so that many owners feel “ learn a trick of ” and even some people say that the start of the two gear is an experience of driving. In this regard, the voice of online questioning continues, netizens “ Sona ” said, the two block start people are ignorant to pretend to understand, mixed into “ old driver ”

How much do you have to get out of the five gear

Hangzhou car owner “ every day blue ” once opened a car repair shop, he recalled, once a car gearbox has problems, one gear, two gear, three gear, four gear can not go in, only five gear start, this car he just opened. “ day blue ” in theory, the general car five gear can also start, the actual operation is also the same, but the five gear start need a certain driving experience, especially when the clutch must be able to control the speed. Therefore, some people may feel that their high gear starts with high driving performance. &ldquo, this incorrect driving mode is not desirable. ” he said.

“ every day blue ” analysis, now the car gearbox is designed to match the engine power, how to start when the power, each gear needs how to match the power, are exquisite. Two blocks, three gears and even five gears can really start, but it's not appropriate, “ if all of them are starting in five blocks, why do we need to design so many gears? ”

Both the clutch and the engine will be damaged

Hangzhou advanced maintenance technician Zhang Zhongxu from the working principle of the gearbox: manual gearbox consists of gear and shaft, through different gear combinations to produce variable torque, the power and speed ratio of different gear output are different, the lower the gear, the greater the output power, the higher the speed ratio. Therefore, the most powerful vehicle is to stop the vehicle. The higher the gear, the smaller the output power of the vehicle.

Chapter technician said, often two blocks start, will lead to clutch damage, because two gear start may not rotate speed, cause clutch disc more wear. However, he thinks that the gear of the two gear is not too large because of close to one gear. The higher the gear is, the bigger the clutch wears out. So from the point of view of vehicle maintenance, we should start in the first place.

“ day blue ” think that the injury is not just the clutch, because the speed is not enough, the two gear start to the engine load more heavy, at the same time the gasoline is not fully burned, easy to form carbon, will cause loss to the engine.

For “ two gear starting to save oil, the saying, the chapter technician said, the more gearbox gear, the more oil saving, so now there are 6 or more gear gearbox, but oil saving and a few gear start is not related, on the contrary, if the gasoline burning is not enough, it is also oil!

the two gear can be considered when the cart is started.

Some of the car friends think that the downhill road or rainy day, the car starts to need small power, can consider the two gear start, if still use a gear start, the car is easy to rush out unsafe. Some riders think that diesel cars can be considered as the two gear when they have big horsepower.

the technician of this chapter thinks that from the working principle of gearbox, generally speaking, it should start from one gear, which is not the problem of the size of horse power.

Only one case is suitable for the two gear start. “ every day blue ” that is, when the battery is out of power and the car can't start, someone needs to help you push the cart. The drag of a car is big, the cart people feel hard, and then hang two gears, when the car pushes up to a certain speed, the car will jump up and off, the car will be able to start, this is an effective way of the car without electricity.

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