Extremely dangerous five most common visual illusions for novices to drive

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-10

Due to many factors such as physiology, psychology, age, physical conditions and driving environment, a variety of illusions are often produced in the driver's driving, which leads to erroneous operation. Therefore, drivers (especially novice) should understand these characteristics which are easy to cause illusions and prevent them in driving, so as to ensure driving safety.

[distance illusion]

For various types of vehicles on the road, the driver sometimes has the illusion of the length of the car, the distance of the train, the distance from the car, so that the distance of the meeting is not enough and the distance from the car is too close to cause the accident. Common: the same distance, the day looks close, and the night is more dark when it is darker; the car feels close to the car in front of it, and it feels far away when it is a car.

[velocity illusion]

In the course of driving, the driver is mostly based on the observed objects moving as a reference to estimate the speed of the car, and it is not entirely dependent on the indicator of the vehicle's own speed meter. The roadside scenery is easy to overestimate the speed of vehicle, and it is easy to underestimate the speed of the car when the scene is few. It will adapt to the speed after a long time, and it is easy to misestimate the rest of the speed. Especially, it is very dangerous to underestimate the speed by mistake. This is the reason why motor vehicles enter the urban area from the suburbs.


the speed of a driver on a highway varies with the camber of a highway. The degree of transmission can also cause illusions. Generally speaking, the radius of curvature of the driver is always smaller than that of the actual circle. The shorter the arc length, the smaller the radius of curvature. When driving on a continuously turning mountain road, drivers will feel that the mountain area is easier to turn than the plain. Therefore, it is dangerous to continue to turn sharply at high speed.

[color illusion]

In the complex traffic section of urban areas, the surrounding objects are colorful and interlaced and easily distract the driver's attention. Especially at night, it is easy to use the traffic lights as neon lights; the tail lights of the driving vehicles are regarded as the taillights of the driving vehicles; the brake lights of the front car are wrongly regarded as taillights, etc. In addition, when wearing sunglasses in summer, it is easy to light colored objects &ldquo, filter &rdquo, drop out, and create illusions.

[light illusion]

The light of the sun, the light of the reflected object, the headying light of the car and the strong light of the night long light light will make the driver's vision difficult to adapt for a moment, such as the bright window of the flat head, the shadow of alternately changing the trees on the road in the sun, the reflection of the snow in the field, the change of the time line of the tunnel and so on, which can easily make the driver dizzy. The formation of optical illusion leads to operational errors.

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