Car trouble to repair shop 26 self-help tips to help you

Category:Repair technology - Date:2018-04-10

Tips 1: how to eliminate the vibration and noise of wiper blades.

use tongs to reduce the gap between the joints and the rubber sheets.

Tips 2: how to extend the service life of bulbs.

after buying a car or changing the new bulb, wipe the bulb with alcohol and remove fingerprints and oil stains. I did this after buying a car. Up to now, a bulb has not been damaged.

Tip 3: how to reduce tire noise

put a layer of black felt cloth or flannelette on the inside guard board of the front wheel. (after careful consideration, your tire noise becomes smaller after the rain, and the car becomes bigger after washing the car, because there is mud on the inner protective board).

Tips 4: how to eliminate noise produced by uneven tire wear.

after four rounds of positioning, after balancing, find a bike to repair, borrow or buy a wooden file, will not smooth the uneven surface of the flat file.

Tips 5: how to extend the service life of mufflers

Make a small hole at the lowest point of the muffler. The truth is simple: drainage and corrosion prevention.

Tip 6: how to start faster and faster

When the vehicle is not loaded or loaded, it starts directly with the second gear (without worrying about the damage to the vehicle, because a gear and clutch are designed under heavy load, and most of the cars are not smooth in the second gear), and then push into the third gear quickly after 3000 turns or more, and then rush to more than 3000. Behind you, you can easily switch to four stalls and five stalls. You can also directly change to five stalls (which are applicable to highway payment) and do not increase fuel consumption. Try it.

Tips 7: simple handling of morning car jitter.

Because individual cylinder work is not good, valve closure is not strict, high speed running is a method (fee money), also can be in the 3 or 4 gear high speed to run a little while (save gold), the same effect. If the hot car does not shake, but the gearshift is not smooth, it may be that the fuel injection volume of the fuel injector is not uniform, so it needs detection and cleaning.

Tip 8: how to prevent the antenna from being stolen

screw down the antenna and apply a strong adhesive on the silk head to tighten it. The effect is very good.

Tips 9: how to check the brakes and pass the car easily.

remove the control wiring harness plug on the ABS pump and insert it after it is finished. It will not affect the normal use.

small tip 10: how to place a car that is not commonly used but must be carried:

open the trunk and see the spare tire. It is the largest storage compartment.

Tips 11: how to improve the air circulation and defrosting effect inside the vehicle.

the dust filter cartridge (engine chamber) is replaced with the same size sponge, which not only increases the air intake, but also can be disassembled and reused, and in winter, the defrosting is very fast in the car, and the fan is not required to run long distance, and the oil is saved at the same time.

Tips 12: how to keep the clutch for a long time.

every time the brake fluid is changed, the maintenance personnel shall release the waste oil from the clutch sub pump. Because the clutch and brake are using the same oil storage cup, it may be difficult, but it should be done.

tips 13: when you feel that the brake is not as good as before, what should I do?

when you wait for the red light, you can use your feet to brake and you can get the result.

Tips 14: how to prevent vehicle deviation?

1, adjusting the front wheel of the deviating direction to raise the air pressure or lowering the pressure of the tire in the other direction;

2, adjust the anterior bundle within the prescribed scope;

3, four rounds of positioning after the business. It shows that most of the vehicles deviate to the right because of the right side of the horse's teeth.

Tips 15: how to make water pumps longer?

it is recommended that the speed should not exceed 140 km, and the speed should not exceed 4000 rpm.

Tips 16: how to prolong the service life of spark plugs

The service life of the spark plug assembled by the original car is generally more than 10--16 kilometer. If the ignition, power, fuel consumption and so on are not changed much, it does not need to be replaced. 60 thousand kilometers need to clean up the carbon and adjust the gap between the three negative points to the positive point.

Tip 17: every time you clean the oil road, let the maintenance staff measure the output pressure of the gasoline regulator (in the front of the nozzle) and clean the filter screen of the regulator. Because the pressure regulator has great influence on the life of the gasoline pump.

Tips: 18: how to prevent external mirrors from storing water

put a small hole underneath the mirror. Because every time you wash the car immediately after the car, the mirror will have water sprinkled to your body, it is very annoying.

Tips 19: how to adjust the lighting level.

If it is found that the inner adjustment of the headlight car is not ideal, the engine cover is opened, there is a small hole on the top of the headlight, and the inside is 6 corners of the screw, and the car is adjusted with a screwdriver.

Tip 20: how to make use of the remaining oil

combine the remaining oil that has been changed for several times and rinse the engine. Or after running 4000 kilometers, take some oil from the engine oil, add the remaining oil, and run 3000 kilometers to change the oil. It's good for the engine, and it's economical.

Tip 21: how to change tires

find a suitable iron pipe for 30-50 centimeters, put it on the car, change the tire on the tyre wrench, lengthen the torque. (not a lethal weapon, but a defense)

Tips 22: how to prevent failure of sound and glass lifts when replacing batteries (non professional places).

First, do not remove the old battery, find two thin wires, connect the positive pole of the new battery to the card of the old battery's positive power line, and use another wire to connect the negative pole of the new battery and the old battery negative power line card (the car body).

Tips 23: how to use manual air conditioning to adjust vehicle temperature

after opening the compressor, adjust the temperature knob according to the temperature. In the spring and Autumn period, the air conditioning is sometimes cold and the window is too dirty. The noise is big. High speed also increases oil consumption. It is recommended that the temperature knob be adjusted to reduce fan noise. Do not believe it. This method is also suitable for winter glass defrosting.

small tip 24: if the ignition is found in the morning, the battery is insufficient and electricity is available. But the starter pulled it up.

there is a temporary solution: pour a bottle of hot boiled water on the battery and turn off all the electrical equipment, including the car door (foot lighting). It can start with fire in 5-10 minutes. Then drive the battery and go.

Tips 25: how to repair the door of the car itself loose and rotate the key to tighten and astringent.

Open the front door, in the side will see a plastic cover, start to see a screw inside, loose a few circles (do not release), from the outside can pull out the lock core, there is a wire button on the handle, adjust the tension line can be adjusted. The rear door screws are blocked by the sealing strip and pushed by hand. Grease the core of the lock before installing it. So the handle and lock on the door will be free and easy. The recovery is as early as it is.

Tips 26: how to solve the problem of loosening and lifting of the rear door decoration strips.

stir up the glue and press it. Because the decorative strip loosening and tilting not only affect the appearance, but also affect the seal (if the seal is not good, it will shorten the lifespan of the glass lifter) and close the door.

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