Seven points of common sense: maintenance of mechanical steering gear

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-09

Mr. Wang of Ma Dui street in Nangang District: my Jetta taxi is 250 thousand kilometers and is equipped with a mechanical steering machine. Recently, it has been found that the steering time gap is getting bigger and bigger. Is it necessary to change the steering gear with the clicking sound? Can you maintain it? How to maintain the service life of steering gear?

Wang Gong answer: the mechanical steering machine of the Jetta car is a gear and rack type structure, which is mainly assembled on the Jetta taxi before 2005. Its main features are simple structure, flexible and portable operation and durable and durable. If it is properly maintained, it can be used in taxis for 40 to 500 thousand kilometers, and some can even accompany the vehicle until the vehicle is scrapped.

in the use and daily maintenance, we should pay attention to the following points to prolong the service life of the steering machine.

when.1. is running on uneven road, it will slow down and reduce the load borne by the steering gear.

2. often checks the protective sleeve on both sides of the steering machine and the protective sleeve connected with the universal cross shaft on the upper part of the steering wheel. The breakage of the sheath is the main factor leading to the early wear and damage of the steering machine. When the sheath is damaged, the water and dust sandy soil enters the turning machine through the breakage and destroys the lubricating oil film of the gear rack, which causes corrosion and abnormal wear in the steering machine, such as not immediately removing the internal water and sand, and will cause the steering machine to be scrapped in the short term. So at least once a month to check the state of the dust cover, such as the case that the sheath is damaged must be replaced immediately, and before the replacement of the directional machine to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance.

3. should pay special attention to the phenomenon that the protective cover can not appear distortion and assembly, otherwise it will cause the damage of the sheath.

the lubricating grease will gradually become dirty and metamorphosed in the use of.4., and the lubrication ability is reduced; the material will increase gradually at the same time, and the abrasive wear will become heavier and aggravate the wear of the steering machine. Every 100 thousand kilometers or so, we should do a comprehensive maintenance for the steering machine, clean it completely and refill the grease.

the use condition of the.5. direction machine is bad and the load is heavy. Special grease must be used. The ordinary grease can not meet the requirement of use.

the.6. direction machine will gradually increase in the use of the middle gap. If the left and right stroke of the steering wheel is more than 15 degrees, the direction machine must be checked, for example, the gear rack is badly worn, and the direction machine must be replaced. If there is no abnormal wear, only the gap is too large, it can be adjusted. In the adjustment to the service station by the trained professional personnel, after adjustment to ensure that the steering wheel can go to the left and right to the limit position, and the force is uniform, and the rotation is flexible.

7. is not allowed to maintain and maintain directional machines at roadside stores with poor equipment and low technology level. If the steering machine is not adjusted properly, it will result in stuck phenomenon and endanger driving and personal safety.

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