Anti skid chains for winter driving can only be used on ice and snow roads

Category:Car skills - Date:2018-04-09

with the increasing frequency of snowfall in winter, Car The anti skid chain products are on fire on the Internet.

Miss Fu opens a new car to work every day, compared with some old drivers who have years of driving experience, “ mirror ” the road often makes her busy, “ on such a road, it is like playing the drift &rdquo on the brakes. Listen to colleagues say winter car skid can install tire chain, Miss Fu decided to try.

The reporter and Miss Fu together in the search for a shopping site in the search bar “ antiskid chain ” after seeing, a car antiskid chain within 30 days of sales of up to 3569. A netizen message, “ after installing anti-skid chains, driving around &lsquo on snowy days; floating ’ the situation is much less &rdquo.

reporters learned that the material of automobile anti skid chain is from cattle tendon, steel to iron. According to a shop owner, tyres can increase adhesion and reduce the probability of tire skidding after installing automobile anti skid chains.

Industry analysis, antiskid chain for motor vehicles is an emergency category, it is suggested that the use of ice and snow road, speed can not exceed 50 km / hour. The anti-skid chain only enhances the friction between the tyre and the ground in the snow, which is better than the antiskid effect of the tyre without the anti-skid chain. When a snowless road is running, it is necessary to remove the slip chain in time. If the time is too late, the speed should not exceed 40 km / h.

Fu Haitao, senior engineer of the Shenyang Institute of product quality supervision and inspection, said that motor vehicle skidproof in winter is mainly driven by driving technology, but it is also a good choice for novice to change special winter tires. Because the rubber formula and pattern of the winter tire are more suitable to ensure the adhesion of the tire on the ice and snow pavement, it will further improve the traffic safety on the ice and snow pavement. But it should be noted that the winter tires can only be used on the winter pavement, and the seasonal replacement should be returned to the conventional tires in time. The use of winter tyres in the four seasons will not only increase fuel consumption, but also damage winter tyres.

industry insiders suggest that if the owner intends to install the automobile antiskid chain, he must check his tire type and install it. The antiskid chain is installed on the driving wheel, the front wheel of the front wheel is mounted on the front wheel, the rear drive motor vehicle is installed on the rear wheel. The four drive motor vehicles are installed on the main driving wheel. The transport vehicles, the van, the pickup, the 7 and more than 7 vehicles do not use the anti skid chain of the bull tendon.

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