Dampness and rust prevention of automobiles in rainy Southern wet days

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Northern haze

The southern moisture-proof

when Guangzhou is cold, the rhythm of heat is really unprepared for Lao Guang. The cold and hot alternation brings “ returning to the South sky ” humid, and even more uncomfortable. According to the past experience, before the Qingming Guangzhou weather will be cold and warm, “ back to south day ” in the wet days of the attack, the car is not only damp, but also smells moldy or smelling smell. The North prevention and haze, the South anti dampness tide. Be careful, perhaps the mold has been in your car serious breeding, high humidity weather also threatens the health of the vehicle, long humid erosion is very easy to lead to the corrosion of the body, the best way is to clean the DIY!

Easy humid “ dead angle ”

1, Car Sound system

The tide is too heavy, when the CD will be difficult to read, the master points out: in the air humid season, each chip of the car sound system will be more delicate, the damp air is easy to erode them, the CD sowing device is difficult to read, the sound box sound &ldquo, the quality ” and so on, are the common phenomenon of damp, strict tide phenomenon, and so on. Heavy words can also cause a short circuit of the system line. The processing method is also very simple, completely DIY. If you can dry with a hair dryer. Of course, the best way is to keep the electrical appliances working and using these systems.

2 and rear carriage spare tire

a dead angle in the car is the place where the spare tire is placed in the rear compartment. It is especially easy to hide dirt, especially in wet weather, which will accumulate a lot of water vapor in the inside and outside temperature difference. It will eventually stay in the spare part and corrode for a long time, resulting in the rust of a part of the embryo transfer tool and the quality of the spare tire. Pay attention to opening regularly to check if wet or dry. Sunshine dry and place some bamboo charcoal bags or desiccant.

3, the vehicle is idle for a long time

if vehicles are not used for a long time in spring, the vehicles that are not used are the most susceptible to mold. It is suggested that the desiccant or bamboo charcoal can be replaced by desiccant or bamboo charcoal in the car instead of air conditioning. In addition, the simple dehumidification box bought in the supermarket is also good, so the interior parts of the car are not easy to be dampened after night. These items are very cheap and good results can be changed at low cost.

4, headlight / brake system

The mist infiltration of the headlights is not only in the wet season, but there will be some cars after the rain or the car wash. The basic car owners will ignore it, and the lampshade will turn yellow for a long time. It is suggested that this situation should not be rushed to stop the car in a cool place, especially in underground garage. It is better to bask in the sun and let the water vapour evaporate. In the same way, after the rain and car wash, the brake system that affects the safety may also enter the brake system because of the fog, which leads to the existence of a large amount of water vapor in the brake tank, which affects the work of the brake system, so the brake is regularly rustled and filled with antirust lacquer oil.

5, lacquer surface and chassis are “ Antirust ”

rust prevention is also an important work in wet weather. The master told the reporter that the wet air in the hole in the body of the body can not be cleared in time for a long time. It is the easiest place to cause rust in the space of the lower part of the vehicle. The paint and protective coating on the outside of the car are spalling off, and it is easy to rust when the weather is humid. Usually, as long as the owner is careful and the maintenance is in place, the rust can be avoided.

waxing the paint on the car is a very good way to prevent rust. For chassis, chassis armor can also be carried out. If a spray or scratch is found, it should be repaired immediately; check, clean the door and the bottom of the car; clean the bottom of the vehicle with a high pressure spray gun; check the humidity of the cover in the car. Carpet and mats will retain moisture for a long time, which will eventually lead to rusting of floor boards. Regular inspection and repair of rust proof coating on the bottom of vehicles.

[the interior moistureproof trilogy]

ultraviolet radiation under natural sunlight is a good way of free disinfection. So when the weather is clear, you can find a good place, open all the doors and back cover, let the moisture in the car exhaust, ventilation, and then remove the foot pads and seat covers in the car to clean and dry. Pay attention to the following three steps in cleaning and moistureproof.

Clean first: do not pass the dead angle

In the humid climate such as South sky, it is very important to ensure the cleaning in the car. When washing the car, we must clean the leather and fabric interior, such as the foot pad, the chair cushion and so on. Be careful not to put too much in the car, such as the abandoned snack bags and paper towels in the glove boxes on both sides of the seat, the shoes on the car, the rag, or even the fruit that is placed on the car for a long time, and these are very easy to produce mould and pollute the air in the car. Although every vehicle has considered the problem of mildew prevention before the factory is out, it can not block the influence of so many “ &rdquo.

Re ventilation: to ensure the health of automobile air conditioning

if you haven't used the air conditioner for a long time, be careful that your internal air conditioner has already developed a lot of bacteria and even mildew. In general, the surface of the car water tank and condenser will gradually cover a large number of dust and debris along with the vehicle running, which will cause the high temperature of the vehicle and the poor cooling effect of the air conditioning. When there are too many dust and impurities on the air duct and evaporator surface, it is easy to mildew, especially in the solar atmosphere such as Hui Nan Tian. If you open the air conditioning, smell the odor, then it is suggested that before using the air conditioner, clean the surface of the condenser, remove the air conditioning system, replace the air conditioning filter, flow the pipe to the air conditioning system &ldquo, ventilation ”

Final dehumidification: regular air conditioning

reporters interviewed found that when many owners felt that there was a bit of tide in the car, they mostly ignored it. If so, not only will the mold grow, but also the interior trim of the car will not be well maintained. The best thing to do is to find the &ldquo in the car that the tide gives to the car; to smoke the wet ” it's not difficult to operate, and it doesn't need to buy a wet dehumidifier like home.4S store the maintenance master told the owner of a very natural way of dehumidification: the use of automotive air conditioning. Maybe people only know that the air conditioning in the car can be used to adjust the temperature in the car, and in the cold season in the south, many owners prefer to open the window and do not open the air conditioning. This will only make the car wet. The maintenance worker pointed out that opening the air-conditioner and air circulation system inside the car is very effective in dehumidification, and the principle is similar to that in summer.

Warm hints:

In spring, &ldquo should be prevented; heart disease ”

a year's plan is to make the car healthy, so that it can become your best driving companion. After the return of long distance driving during the Spring Festival, many companies ignore vehicle “ visceral ” maintenance, especially as “ heart ” engine. Castrol China maintenance experts told reporters: after long distance travel, the consumption and loss of lubricating oil is a very common phenomenon, first of all, you can check the loss of oil, if the oil is not enough to be added immediately. When a certain mileage or oil deterioration occurs, the oil and oil filter should be changed in time. The reporter learned that about 75% of the engine wear in the car start and the hot car stage, in order to ensure the reliable lubrication of the engine, effectively reduce engine wear, it is necessary to regularly replace the suitable lubricating oil. 4S shop's original oil is not necessarily the most suitable car, and the market can choose a lot of brands. as The Great Wall, Castrol, to this, Castrol China maintenance experts say, such as “ magnetic agent ” formula of Castrol magnetic lubricating oil, the magnetic agent has super strong adsorption force, can tightly adsorb the engine surface, provide timely protection at engine startup, and in wet and cold weather. The low temperature flow performance of Castrol magnets quickly reaches the key parts of the engine, preventing the car from starting cold start, burning tile and holding axle.

the emission of motor vehicles in Beijing is exceeding the standard

The maximum fine of three thousand yuan

from.3 month, the regulations on the prevention and control of air pollution in Beijing was formally implemented. Among them, the punishment for the emission of motor vehicles exceeding the standard was raised to 300 to 3000 yuan from the previous 100 yuan. A fine of five hundred yuan.

In addition, the regulations also put forward that the vehicles in the field shall carry out the inspection of emission pollution in accordance with the regulations of the city, and be able to go through the formalities of motor vehicles to Beijing. At the same time, the vehicle should be advocated in the school, hotel, shopping mall, park, office space, the neighborhood of the community, the hospital and the parking lot. The motor driver should extinguish the engine for more than three minutes.

It is reported that at present, Beijing has a mobile detection equipment, when the vehicle passes the equipment, it will automatically detect the exhaust emission of the vehicle. If it does not meet the standard, the vehicle will be automatically taken and sampled, then the owner of the motor vehicle needs to be fined by the environmental protection executive department.

Comment: Beijing has always been the national policy vane. The policies of the shaking number and the limit of the tail number are all “ and the &rdquo is led; the whole country, at the moment of haze and haze, will be an effective imitators.

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Dampness and rust prevention of automobiles in rainy Southern wet days




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