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Explosion-proof film: don't wait until the summer comes.

Although many owners are aware of the importance of explosion-proof film, they often neglect the explosion-proof membrane and are busy with the interior decoration and selection of the body surface protection products. Reporters found that car owners at the end of the year seemed more interested in the insulation function of explosion-proof membranes. During this period, it is not too late to paste the explosion-proof membrane. In this regard, industry experts pointed out that after lifting the car, it should be quickly put on explosion-proof membrane.

quality explosion-proof membrane can not only protect the vehicle owners from ultraviolet rays in summer, but also relieve the fog in winter. In fact, the high quality explosion-proof film can not only protect the car owner from the ultraviolet rays in the summer, but also can relieve the fog at the glass window in the winter, Hong Gengge, at the same time, the greatest effect is to improve the safety factor. When the collision accident occurs, it can suck the broken glass film when there is a collision accident. To prevent splatter from hurting people. However, it should be noted that although explosion-proof film is the first choice after car lift, it is not suitable to choose the product that the other side gives or the car owners to choose in the name of preferential purchase. If the inferior film is chosen inadvertently, not only does it not play its due role, but it has to be tore off after a period of time.

therefore, after lifting the car, you can identify a brand and send it directly to the brand's professional film store. This approach will be ideal both in terms of price and quality.

However, the car owners who have years of experience in car use remind the owner that if the original car is a skylight version, the sky window part should not be attached to the explosion-proof film, because if the situation of the crisis, the other doors and windows can not be opened, the skylight is a good way to escape.

Except for the peculiar smell: the only way to cure it

it is undeniable that no product has been able to remove new odors quickly and effectively. If environmental protection and money saving are the first choice, it is recommended to open more windows. Of course, some things can be used when closing the window, such as bamboo charcoal, tea or some fruit skin (for example: Pomelo skin, citrus peel, pineapple skin, apple skin, etc.) or the use of vinegar and water for a night in the car.

the smell of new cars is mainly caused by interior decorations. Most of them can not absorb the peculiar smell of vehicles in essence. At present, the best way to eliminate odor is windowing and exposure. As for the car's perfume seat, it is recommended not to mention it. After all, most car perfume seats can only play a role in masking.

Chen Jinming, a senior automobile maintenance expert, said that because the odor is the interior decoration of the car, most of the odors are still difficult to absorb the odor in the car in essence, but only to make it Exodus. At present, the best way to remove the odor is to open the window and to be exposed to the sun. For a new car, the main odor comes from the interior, which is difficult to remove in a period of time, which is difficult to remove. The special odor products on the market are mainly to kill the mold and make the odor disappear, but it is still difficult to provide a cure for the odor caused by the new car interior.

Fender: some cars only have 4S shop and have special matching type.

after years of buying cars, Mr. Ye has a great deal of respect for the role of fenders. He thought that this kind of inconspicuous supplies had the most direct effect. Because the fender can reduce the chance of dirt on the car body, especially on rainy days. However, some of these important items only have 4S shops.

The owner old Chen said that when he bought a car, the 4S shop had the original matching type, and the market had not yet appeared. So some owners could only choose &ldquo in the original 4S store, and the original ” Take Teana as an example. At present, the market is specially equipped with fenders for about a few hundred yuan, but the price in the supplies market is only 50 yuan. If you do not want to save money and trouble, you can first ask the market if you have a special fender for your car, otherwise you will only spend it in the 4S shop.

Carpet: say no to the gift of plastic products

at present, some 4S shops will present carpets, but most of them will be plastic carpet, which will hinder the evaporation of water below. As for poor quality carpets, it is more harmful to the human body, especially for the chemical fiber carpets given by individual 4S stores. All kinds of fine hair are easy to fall off, and some of them have some harmful odors.

Those printed on the original car mark “ the original factory carpet ” the usual quotation is more than a hundred yuan, but as long as the goods market look, choose more, and the price is only 50%. In all kinds of carpets, honeycomb carpets can be selected, which play a role of easy cleaning and bacteria residue.

Chassis armored: winter construction was at the time

For the cost consideration, the anti rust effect of the chassis is not satisfactory at present when many new cars are out of the factory. Therefore, the role of the chassis armored is quite important. Chen Gong, a vehicle maintenance expert, pointed out that the real chassis armored raw materials are rubber and resin. Inferior Panzer armor is bitumen plus solvent and even ordinary paint. At present, there are some 4S stores that use asphalt as the main raw material for anti rust treatment for new cars. This asphalt material has poor adhesion to metal. It is easy to dissolve and fall off from heat. It can not resist the impact of the stone. The new car owners should not accept this kind of inferior coating. The way to identify is to see the raw material components on the packaging, indicating whether it will be asphalt or resin.

Mr. Wang, who has years of experience in the chassis antirust construction, introduces a new car with chassis armored in general selection and criminal investigation. It is generally better to choose sunny days. Chassis armored at present is mainly divided into two kinds: one is oily, strong adhesion, waterproof, good water insulation performance, but the taste is relatively large; the other is water-based products, aging is poor, but the taste is small.

At present, the market on the better quality of the chassis armored material, the market price of each bottle is about 80— 100 yuan, a new car needs 4-6 bottles, generally spending 800— 1000 yuan can do the true significance of the chassis armor, the chassis protection time is also more effective.

Dermis: it is not as practical as the seat sleeve of the textile

When the car is carried out, there is a car owner reflecting a real leather item in the gift given by the other. But it is understood that it is not all the original leather for the original plant, but a kind of regenerated skin, which is rebonded to skin after breaking with leather, this &ldquo, ” some harmful substances, such as benzene and other harmful substances, are more easily damaged and conditions permit, It is better to ask the other side to give textile seat covers, especially those that are generous in appearance and easy to clean than &ldquo, leather &rdquo, and much more practical.

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