Buy the film carefully and avoid being fooled

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-09

The market after the car has gradually become “ the gold industry ” and the automobile explosion-proof film market in the rear of the car market is quite heavy, after all, the need for sunscreen heat insulation, the need to prevent ultraviolet radiation damage to the human body, and can effectively explosion protection to minimize the risk of accidents. With the increase of private cars, explosion-proof membrane market is booming, and the industry is developing gradually. However, the current market, the uneven quality of the film, a wide range of brands, fake fake goods emerge in endlessly, the size of the maintenance stores almost have sticker service, and the price difference is very different. If you don't experience the film, you may be slaughtered by a black hearted businessman. Now that winter is over, the weather is getting hotter every day. The way for most owners to cool off is to love cars. So some owners asked, what kind of film should be chosen, how to distinguish the true and false, and where to post, what is the price? With these questions, we will give you a brief introduction to the knowledge of car membrane and choose the skills and methods of car membrane.

The quality key points of good membrane explosion-proof film used for good cars

(1) transmittance and clarity is the most important performance of vehicle membrane in driving safety. The front windshield membrane uses the latest spray coating method to attach precious metals to the heat insulation film, and the heat insulation effect is increased by about two times. At the same time, using the ion separation technique to remove the fuzzy material, the clarity of the front film is increased by three times. The transmittance of the high quality film can reach 90%, basically completely transparent, and the clarity is very high, regardless of the color and depth. The window film, especially for the front side windows, should be more suitable for more than 70% transmittance. The rear window film does not need to dig holes and does not affect the line of sight. Driving at night can illuminate the rear headlights and turn back the strong glare reflex of the rear mirror to make your eyes comfortable. In addition, driving on rainy nights, reversing and turning around can also ensure good line of sight.

(2) thermal insulation. In the solar spectrum, infrared rays make the main source of heat. The quality of automotive explosion-proof membrane can reflect infrared, so the temperature inside the car is relatively low. Then reduce the air conditioning load, save fuel. Some of the membranes are transparent and have no heat insulation. Although the sun is not so dazzling, the temperature inside the vehicle is still very high. Therefore, when selected, we should pay attention to the insulation performance of the explosion-proof film, which not only makes the evaluation of a heat insulation film the main standard, but also the key to determine the price.

(3) the material film of the explosion-proof general car sticker is very thin and soft, lacks the toughness of the group, the ultraviolet radiation is not resistant, the aging is brittle, the diaphragm is very easy to break when the collision or external object is hit, and the glass can not be stuck together. The good explosion-proof film is made of special polyester film, and the film itself has a strong toughness, and with special pressure sensitive adhesive, when glass is accidentally collided, the film can not spatter when the glass breaks.

(4) (4) UV barrier rate ultraviolet ray can not be seen, but the four harm to the human body is all known, excessive ultraviolet light is also easy to cause the instrument panel and other vehicle interior decoration accelerated aging. Therefore, the barrier rate of high quality membrane to UV is generally not less than 98%, and the high level can reach 99%. The poor quality film has no such standard, or far from the standard of hell 98%.

(5) there is a layer of anti scraping layer on the surface of the high quality diaphragm of the diaphragm, which can protect the surface of the membrane from scratch in normal use, and the low film is easy to scratch the surface of the film.

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