The main points of automobile anti-theft attention on sealing glazing and sealing of automobile film

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-09

First check the anti counterfeiting standard with the sticker

The sticker must be dustless in the room, and the whole patch should not be opened. Before the film is attached, it is necessary to observe the anti counterfeit standard on the film, and the imported explosion-proof film will be issued for 6 years. For the front of the sun film is more necessary, it can not only improve the safety, prevent the broken glass after the splash in the car, but also can prevent the ultraviolet radiation of the body and instrument panel, so that you and your love car can get the best protection at the same time. But the front windshield must be a front stop special film, because the fake film will cause dizziness and dizziness. Please be careful.

“ glaze ” to be irradiated by infrared

Car The appearance is like a person's appearance, the new car is bright and clean when the color is bright and bright. It can be made in a period of time and darkened. The new car will use “ the glaze ” the car paint is wrapped up with the outside, and the maintenance water is washed away at ordinary times. Now the market & ldquo; wax ” “ glaze ” fake beauty beauty too. More, must look for the specialized automobile cosmetology company with the infrared special irradiation room, because this only can enhance the “ the glaze ” the surface strength, prolongs the “ the glaze ” the lasting force.

Sealed plastic claim card

It is a kind of high attached and high elastic resin to spray on the chassis of the car two times, greatly reducing the impact of sand and stone impact, and can also achieve the efficacy of anticorrosion, rust prevention and collision prevention. This can be combined with “ sound insulation engineering ” it can not only improve the grade of your car, but also provide a quiet space for you to improve the sound quality. Finally, don't forget to ask for a permanent guarantee card to the beauty shop.

Installation of anti-theft equipment as far as possible without changing the line

Now the car in the factory basically has the anti-theft facilities, on the basis of these facilities, we can consider the anti-theft device such as gear lock and other organizations, and try not to increase or change the original line.

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