Love car four matters needing attention

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-09

The sticker must be dustless in the room, and the whole patch should not be opened. Before the film is attached, it is necessary to observe the anti counterfeit standard on the film, and the imported explosion-proof film will be issued for 6 years. For the front of the sun film is more necessary, it can not only improve the safety, prevent the broken glass after the splash in the car, but also can prevent the ultraviolet radiation of the body and instrument panel, so that you and your love car can get the best protection at the same time.

The glaze should be irradiated by infrared

now the market is “ wax ” “ glaze ” too many fake beauty, we must find a specialized infrared ray room. Car cosmetology company, because this can enhance “ glaze ” surface strength, extend “ glaze ” endurance.

Sealed plastic claim card

Automobile sealing is a kind of high adhesion and high elastic resin, which is sprayed on the chassis of the car two times. It greatly reduces the impact strength of the sand stone. It can also achieve the efficacy of anticorrosion, rust prevention and collision prevention, and can achieve high quality effects such as sound insulation. Of course, after the whole process of sealing, it is not forgotten to ask the beauty shop to ask for permanent. Guarantee card.

Installation of anti-theft equipment as far as possible without changing the line

In the factory car basically has the anti-theft facilities, on the basis of these facilities, we can consider the anti-theft device such as gear lock and other organizations, as far as possible to not increase or change the original line.

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