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Category:Tire maintenance - Date:2018-04-09

Looking at the global tire market, brands from Europe and Japan take up most of the market share, although these countries are not a big rubber producer, but advanced technology makes them strong. Along with the domestic Car with the continuous development of independent brands, autonomous tire enterprises have entered a period of rapid development. Recently, at the new conference of Wanli tire, we saw the high quality tire developed by ourselves. Wanli tire has released three new sports series SA302, explosion-proof series SA302 and light load series SL106.

Wanli tires

Wanli brand has registered trademarks in more than 120 countries and regions with major exports, and Wanli tires are exported to more than 150 countries and regions. In March 2011, Wanli tires were successfully matched Wide steam Honda idea S1 become the independent brand recognized by the Japanese automotive quality management system for the first time.

The brand of now Wan Li and the use of wide steam, FAW Pentium (B70\nB90), the Shenlong car (Elysee), Dongfeng Automobile, Shenzhen BYD Jianghuai automobile and other domestic auto manufacturers and group customers. In the domestic retail market, the product sales network has been distributed in all provinces of the country, and has been established by more than 200 companies. Dealers A sales network consisting of more than 4000 distributors.

The multiple BYD seen above Vehicle model And Geely model, and Jianghuai The Jianghuai Rui Feng Wait for the model, just to assemble the representative model of the tires. There are more models. In the future, the tires will be assembled, and the feat of the tires will set off a surge of domestic tires.

New tyres

Wanli tire R & D team told reporters: “ this series of new products we released is developed in accordance with European standards. Europe is the center of the global tire, representing the most advanced technology and design trends and the most stringent EU standards. Wanli as an international enterprise, the design and research and development of new products adopt the European standard, the international front-line brand, its performance is at the same level as the international front line big brand tyres, and some of its performance should exceed the international frontline brand. ”

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