Teach you how to film cool days is a good time to film

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-09

the solar film has the functions of heat insulation and cooling, energy saving, protection of skin, preventing fissures and discoloration of car ornaments, protecting personal safety and strengthening private property. Since the sun film has been from the market, the sun film has experienced “ tea paper ” “ explosion-proof membrane ” “ insulation and explosion-proof membrane ” three stages. Technology has also developed from the most original dyeing process to the present metal magnetron sputtering process. The products of this technology are the highest at present, and the warranty period is up to ten years.

At present, the metal magnetron sputtering technology on the market, such as TBT, V-KOOL and other brands, is very good. The brand of consumer choice must provide warranty certificate or warranty card to the manufacturer by telephone or network. If the construction office can't provide, please choose the consumer cautiously. We must choose a professional dust free construction workshop, and street work is difficult to ensure the construction technology.

many car owners attach stickers to hot summer days. Film experts suggest that cool genius is the best time to film. Because in the rainy weather, the air humidity is bigger, the static electricity is reduced, the suspended substance is reduced, the dust in the room and outside is also reduced obviously. This kind of weather can avoid the appearance of impurities in the membrane and glass, and the effect is beautiful.

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