The consequences of high speed blowout are serious! How to prevent blowout

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In recent years, with the improvement of road traffic conditions, the speed of the car has been significantly improved, especially on the expressway. Once the high speed car has a blowout, it is likely to bring a fatal accident. Therefore, the driver should attach great importance to the frequent blowout accidents, analyze the causes of the blowout according to the climate and terrain conditions of the car, and do a good job of prevention.

"Causes of blowout"

Low tire pressure - blowout

some drivers are afraid of &ldquo in summer because of &rdquo. They often reduce their standards when inflating, but this is very wrong. Because the tire pressure is too low, the friction between the tread and the ground increases, the rolling resistance rises, the temperature of the fetal body rises sharply, the tread rubber is softened, the aging speed is accelerated, and the partial delamination and the tread wear of the fetal body are aggravated. In this case, it is very likely that there will be a flat tire.

High tire inflation - blowout

Some drivers prefer to exceed the standard pressure of the tire when they are inflated, which does not know how to speed up the tire wear and then increase the possibility of a tire. As the tire pressure is too high and the cord tension of the fetal body increases, the fatigue process of the cord is accelerated, especially when overloading and overloading of the tire, the inner stress of the cord is increased, the tire temperature rises rapidly, and the aging speed of the rubber accelerates, thus triggering the blowout.

Tire installation error - blowout

1, wheel imbalance. Some drivers do not use the balance test of the spare tire to replace the tire when replacing the tire. If the unbalanced wheel is replaced, especially at the high speed of 100 km / h, the wear of the wheel is very severe, which eventually leads to the blowout.

improper positioning of.2 and front wheel. The front wheel of the automobile is turning. Once the front wheel burst, the car will lose its steering ability and cause serious traffic accidents. Some drivers do not accurately locate the camber and front camber of the wheel when replacing the front wheel tyres.

Lack of necessary maintenance of tires - blowout

Some drivers forget the regular maintenance of the car, not the tire transposition and maintenance, so that the tire will appear uneven wear and tear, easy to form a weak place, leading to a tire. In addition, if the stone in the tire tread is not cleaned in time, it will also speed up the tire wear rate and cause tire blowout.

"Prophylaxis of blowout"

Preferred meridian wheel

The fetal and non tube tire radial tire fetus is more soft, and the belt with high strength and small tensile deformation is used for fabric cord or wire cord. Therefore, this kind of tire has strong impact resistance, small rolling resistance and less energy consumption, and is most suitable for driving on the highway.

tubeless tire has small mass, good air tightness and low rolling resistance. Under the condition of tyre perforation, the tire pressure will not drop sharply, and can continue to run. Because the tire can be dissipating directly through the rim, the working temperature is low, the tire rubber is aging slowly and the life is longer.

Warning: one of the greatest weaknesses of the tyre is that it is afraid of the lack of gas. As soon as the gas is short, it will cause violent friction between the tire and the cord, as well as the rough friction between the tread and the ground. The heat will accelerate the aging of rubber and steel. Deformation reduces the strength of the tire, causing tire burst in the long run.

Use of low pressure fetus

at present, the car and the carrier car almost all use low pressure tire, because the low pressure tire has good elasticity, wide section, large contact surface with road, thin wall and good heat dissipation. These features improve the ride comfort and steering stability of the car, greatly prolong the life of the tire, and prevent the occurrence of the tire.

Select the corresponding speed and bearing capacity tires

each tire has different speed and load limits due to its different rubber and structure. When choosing the tires, the driver should see the speed level mark and the bearing capacity sign on the tire, choose the tires higher than the maximum driving speed and the maximum carrying capacity of the vehicle, so as to ensure the safety of the driving.

Keep the tire as the standard pressure

tire life and air pressure are closely related. Tire pressure is too high or too low will cause excessive tire wear, resulting in tire burst. If the driver finds that the tire is overheated because of the high pressure of the tire, it is absolutely not allowed to reduce the temperature by air cooling and pouring cold water on the tire, which will speed up the aging of the tire and greatly reduce the service life of the tires. In this case, we can only stop natural cooling, cooling down and lowering blood pressure. If the tire pressure is too low, the driver should inflate in time and check whether the tire has a slow release phenomenon, so as to replace the tire with good tightness.

Dynamic balance before changing the tire

vehicle replacement tire must be subject to dynamic balance test before loading. If tire imbalance is found, it is absolutely not allowed to load. In addition, in the process of installing the tires, we should also pay attention to the dynamic balance of the tire. The valve mouth of the tire should avoid the inspection hole on the brake drum and open 90 degrees. When the rear wheel is installed, the valve mouth should be stagger 180 degrees in order to balance and replenishment.

Regular transposition of tires

In order to make the automobile tires wear evenly and prolong their service life, the transposition of the tires should be carried out regularly according to the regulations, and the transposition maintenance is generally carried out in the two level maintenance. Vehicles that often run on expressways should be replaced by cyclic transposition.

Prohibit speeding

The automobile tire has a “ the standing wave ” the phenomenon, often appearing in the overspeed, this phenomenon can make the tire temperature rise rapidly, speed up the aging speed of rubber, easily produce delamination and burst, and cause the blowout.

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