Anti car static electricity is very important

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“ ” the hand touching the body is tingling and painful, which is often encountered in driving in autumn and winter. It doesn't cause much trouble, but every time you hit a car, you play a small electric shock. It's really uncomfortable. To this end, we specially designed for you owners in autumn and winter.

The electrostatics of dangerous cars can cause cardiovascular disease

There are two main reasons for the automobile electrostatic reaction, one is that the human body is charged before contact with the car itself, and the contact with the car will be discharged naturally, and the charge quantity is different according to the human body's physique. On the other hand, the dust in the air and the metal surface of the body rub each other, resulting in electricity.

in dry weather, people in sports and vehicles can not avoid friction, and electrification is very common. But the power of the body and the car is limited, the voltage is not enough to make inestimable consequences for the car and the man, but even a very small current can make people feel uncomfortable. In serious cases, static electricity can cause symptoms such as headache, insomnia and irritability, and can even cause a variety of cardiovascular diseases. For the car, to simply and directly solve electrostatic dust adsorption, autumn and winter season car owners have to wash a few times, of course, there are other tricks to make.

Prevention of electrostatic “ internal and external repair of ”

People and cars all the time and never live in the friction environment, so the elimination of static electricity also needs the owner of the “ careful eye ” not only the ordinary habits of their own to make some small changes, but also to the car installation of some small equipment, and some seemingly careless small skills can also let you avoid static abuse of static electricity.

A lot of water is a better way to prevent static electricity from its own interior, and more water can increase the surface moisture of the skin, and the static electricity will not take place on its own in the wet condition.

to reduce the use of chemical fiber products inside and outside the vehicle, chemical fiber clothing is very easy to have static electricity, especially in dry autumn and winter seasons, it is more likely to bring static electricity. Normally, there is no abnormal sensation in the body with static electricity. Only when the human body touches a metal conducting object such as a car door, static electricity produces a discharge to make people feel electric shock. In addition, the car should also minimize the use of chemical fiber seat cover and foot pad, to prevent the car door when encountered electrostatic “ attack ”

Multi - taxi wax is also one of the effective methods to prevent static electricity, when waxing can choose the special anti static car wax, after this treatment, the vehicle will not be again with the owner “ caller ”

Small skill anti static

in addition to some matters needing attention and static products, there are still a few convenient and practical tips for removing static electricity.

elimination of human static electricity before driving

someone will wash their hands before leaving the car, or put their hands on the wall to remove static electricity, which is a good method. When the condition is limited, you can also open the door after taking one of the two hands in the car, compared with the finger tip to contact the surface of the car. The contact area can be expanded directly with both hands, and the discomfort caused by the discharge is weakened.

Wet towels in the dashboard

We usually put a wet towel on the dashboard, or spray some water with a spray in the car regularly, which can increase the humidity in the car and reduce the effect of the static electricity in the car.

Open internal circulation air conditioning

the internal circulation air conditioning makes the car which is already very dry even less moisture. It is suggested that it is not important to have a slight sweat on a half open window. Properly promoting the secretion of sweat glands is better for the skin.

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