How to clean bird droppings, do not damage car paints, do not use car keys

Category:Body maintenance - Date:2018-04-09

Driving people always encounter such trouble, whether in winter or summer, the car once stopped under the tree, it is very likely to be a bird on the tree as a toilet, to leave you a pile of meeting gifts, often let the people feel helpless. Although the bird's droppings seem small, it is acidic, has a serious corrosion to the car paint, is attached to the car for a long time, and can also erode the surface to a state of uneven. So once we find the bird's droppings on the car, we must remove it as soon as possible. And the more timely cleaning is easier to clear, the time is a long time, bird droppings are completely dry in the car, may appear a circle of imprint, this time it is very troublesome to deal with.

Some people use hard objects such as key and knife to scrape the dirt directly, and it is not only difficult to clean it thoroughly, but it is easier to scratch the car paint and cause more serious corrosion. So how do we clean the bird's droppings without hurting the paint?

First recruit: use detergent. Dilute Car Cleaning agent or household neutral detergent pour on the bird's droppings, and then cover it with a paper towel, then pour a layer of detergent, then remove it with a soft cloth. According to this method, dirt will float on the baking paint, and no matter how hard the dirt is solidified, it can be easily removed.

Second: wet paper towel. Sometimes there is no cleaning agent at hand and emergency treatment can be done with wet tissue. We can fold a few wet napkins on the droppings and soften the droppings with the alcohol in the wet napkin, then wipe them off. Thereafter, it is best to wipe it again with detergent when it is convenient.

also need to pay attention to is that when choosing cleaning agents, it is best to use asphalt cleaning agent to deal with the droppings, such as bird droppings, gum and so on.

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