Maintenance: teach you how to use spare tire correctly

Category:Tire maintenance - Date:2018-04-09

1. spare tire should not replace long term use of normal fetus.

the use frequency of the spare tire is less, so the friction chance with the ground is relatively less. For example, after the replacement of the spare tire, the friction coefficient of the four tyres is different, the surface adhesion is different, the pressure is different, the long time use will have a certain effect on the braking system, the steering system and the suspension system of the vehicle, which brings a great deal of safety to the driving safety. Hidden dangers.

2. spare tire must be properly suspended. Improper lifting of the tyre is not safe.

3. spare tire should be protected from oil corrosion. The main component of tires is rubber, and rubber is most afraid of the erosion of various oils. Try not to put oil and spare parts together. If tyres have been stained with oil, wash the oil with neutral detergent in time.

4. should know the model of spare tire. These figures are very important for driving safety, especially the load index and tire speed. If any of them is exceeded, it will bring hidden danger to traffic safety.

when replacing spare tire,.5. should fasten bolts to the angle, so that the bolts will be uniformly stressed and the tyres will not swing when driving.

6. vehicles should pay attention to speed when using spare tire, preferably not exceeding 90 kilometers per hour.

the pressure of the spare tire in.7. is not the same as that of the normal tire. Before using spare tire, barometer should be used to adjust the air pressure of spare tire. When a barometer is not available, a professional should adjust the air pressure as soon as possible so that it can be used normally.

the tire repaired after.8. should be placed on the non driving wheel. Some tires are mended after ligation, the repaired tire must be placed on the non driving wheel, if the spare tire is repaired, and if the replacement is the drive wheel, it must not be afraid of trouble. First, it will not be replaced in the normal tire to the driving wheel, and then the spare tire is used.

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