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Car The cleaning of the ceiling is the most easy place for most people to ignore, especially the cleaning in the roof of the car. Because the inner ceiling is dirty, it is not easy to be found by the car owners, and the inside roof is a lot of cleaning process, but with the long time, the dust attached to the roof of the car is very harmful to the car owner. Don't bother about “ abandon ” healthy, regular cleaning is still necessary.

Cleaning of the roof of a car

The cleaning of the outer ceiling is very simple, it is the same as washing the car in peace, and the cleaning agent can be washed with water. It is possible to do some maintenance to the whole car. And the internal ceiling cleaning should be meticulous, cleaning methods usually first use high power dust tube and brush for large area cleaning, and then use neutral detergent to focus on cleaning dirt, and finally thoroughly clean.

the specific cleaning method is to use the high-power vacuum cleaner first and then clean the roof with soft brush. Then a neutral foam cleaning agent is sprayed to the suede of the ceiling. The general good foam cleaning agent will be &ldquo for a long time; hang ” on the top, after a few minutes, a soft brush with a special cleaning soft brush at the ceiling and a wet towel wiping. Do not use other hard bristles brush, otherwise it will make the fuzz fall off. The suede ceiling is a bit hard to clean up. It's right to use foam cleaners, but buy the right ones. It is best to wash the fabric sofa dry, that will spray the dust into small beads of the kind. And then do it with the vacuum cleaner. For stubborn stains, it is necessary to repeatedly spray foam to scrub. After cleaning up, use another clean cotton cloth to smooth down the direction of the top of the roof so as to restore the original appearance.

Cleaning of the roof of a car

it should be noted that the roof cleaning methods vary according to the material and color of the roof. The light color fabric can be used as a seat cleaner. First, the seat should be knocked down and covered with a towel or a chair cover to prevent contamination of water or detergent dripping from the roof. Then water and detergent diluents were injected into the sprayer and sprayed on the roof. After cleaning the foam slightly, gently use the soft brush and lighter force. Otherwise, it's easy to get the ball and hurt the cloth.

The stuffing in the roof of the car is the material of insulation and sound absorption, the ability to absorb water is strong, the rag must be screwed dry when cleaning, otherwise the wet towel makes the cleaning agent soak the material of the roof, it is difficult to dry, and even the material will be peeled off. Moreover, we must select good quality foam cleaners, keep them for a long time, neutralize them with acid and alkali, and will not stain or stain the fabric.

dark colored department wants to check its dirty degree, so long as wipe the surface lightly with the clean wet towel. If the white towel is covered with tea stains, it means that the roof is dirty. No matter what vehicle is used, it can be checked every two to three months. If a wet towel is found, it is not necessary to use detergent.

Erroneous operation:

brush with hard bristles.

Unordered disorderly application. The roof may collapse, once it collapses, it cannot be restored.

Warm hint: because the roof of the car is not convenient to use the machine to clean, so it is better to use manual cleaning, so it is good to grasp the strength and avoid great harm to the car.

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