Vehicular air conditioning in high temperature weather - how to use it more efficiently

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-09

this summer, many parts of the country have been exposed to high temperature “ &rdquo has been tested for baking; Foshan is also experiencing high temperatures above 35 degrees. In such high temperature weather, the first thing a lot of car owners have to drive is to turn on the air conditioning to reduce the temperature in the car, and it is possible that it may harm the health of the body. Moreover, the improper use of vehicle air conditioning will also increase Oil consumption

External circulation mode: guarantee the air circulation in the car

People who stay in the air conditioning environment for a long time will have symptoms such as stuffiness, dizziness, runny nose, fatigue and fatigue because of the non circulation of air. This is the &ldquo that people often say; ” Similarly, drivers who have long been in the car for air conditioning will suffer from this “ air conditioning ”

Foshan Changan SUZUKI Xu Jinxing, the after-sale consultant of the Road shop, told reporters that as the car is a relatively closed small space, the articles in the carriage, such as ornaments, cigarette ends and leather seat covers will send out harmful gas molecules or germs. In this case, if the air is not circulated, it is very harmful to people. Therefore, it is best to transfer the air conditioner to the external circulation to ensure the air circulation in the vehicle and keep the fresh air in the compartment. At the same time, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not be more than 7 degrees.

Regular disinfection: to avoid air conditioning as a source of pollution

Foshan Chen Zhiqiang, the after sales manager of Changxin store, introduced to the reporter that the evaporator and ventilating tube of the vehicle air conditioner and so on for a long time in the dark, the internal environment is high and humid, which will make the dust and bacteria in the air of the car adsorbed on the tube wall and condense into dirt, which not only affect the cooling effect of the air conditioning, but also affect the cooling effect of the air conditioning. It will also make the air conditioner a car pollution source.

Chen Zhiqiang said that the vehicle air conditioning generally is to be sterilized about 5 months or so, and the life of the air conditioning filter is generally 1 years. After the effective period, it needs to be cleaned and replaced. The owner of the car is best to buy air-conditioning cleaner at regular intervals for &ldquo, &rdquo, and4S store clean and maintain vehicles to avoid air pollution from vehicles.

Cycle mode: best refrigerating effect and most oil saving

vehicle air conditioning brings comfort to the carriage while also allowing Car the fuel consumption is rising. Xu Jinxing introduced that many car owners put the vehicle air conditioner to the maximum gear when they entered the compartment, which is the most fuel consuming. The correct way is to open the window of the whole car first, let the circulation air take away the heat in the car. When the temperature in the car is like outdoor, it closes the window to open the air conditioner, and the air conditioning is transferred to the circular gear, so the cooling effect is best and the most oil saving.

In addition, before arriving at the destination, the owner can close the air conditioner in advance so that it can not only save the oil, but also the temperature recovery in the air conditioning pipe can avoid the water in the pipe, let the bacteria in the air have no space to survive, and keep the air environment in the car.

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