On the safe side, explain the muddy road driving strategy for you in rainy days

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-08

recently, the continuous rain has caused a lot of flight delays. Although it is difficult to form stagnant water with little rainfall, it is very important to maintain the correct driving habits to prevent rain weather.

First, how to go through the wading section: the safest way to drive a rainy day is to try not to drive the water when it is not sure about the depth of the water. If you have to pass it, you can also leave the water level down to the safety point as much as possible. The judgement of safe water level is like this: before the water level reaches the 2/3 of the front bumper or tyre, there is no problem of general wading. If the water level is too high, unless the vehicle is properly protected, it is not recommended. It is important to ensure that there is no near distance vehicle during the wading process, so as to avoid damage to vehicles caused by other vehicles rolling up the water waves beyond the safe water level.

therefore, for insurance purposes, it is suggested that &ldquo be separately insured for cars in summer, and &rdquo for water related risks. But do not think that the insured “ wading insurance ” in all cases, if the driver misoperate in the process of wading, the engine failure is not in the insured, so if the vehicle wade in the water, it can not be forced to start, but a trailer. Otherwise, it may cause the engine to burst, and it may not get the insurance company's claim because of improper operation. If the vehicle is flooded, it should go to the 4S shop for corresponding diagnosis and maintenance.

Secondly, attention should be paid to the cleaning of vehicles. This is the most easy to be ignored by the owner of the car, perhaps many owners also think that the rain after the equivalent of free car wash, do not know the rain has a certain acidity, easy to make the body, chassis and other parts of the oxidation of oxidation, accelerating the aging of vehicles. Therefore, wash the vehicle and dry body in time after rain.

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