Frequent rainfall in summer and principle of wiper maintenance

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it is rainy days in summer now, and this year's rain seems to be particularly frequent, often using wipers. At the same time, many owners found that there was something wrong with the wiper and needed to be replaced or repaired. The wiper is small, but if it is not properly maintained, there will be problems with the wiper. In fact, the wiper maintenance is very convenient, only need more attention at ordinary times can be very easy to do.

Do not forget the wiper

although the windshield wipers are on the windshield, it is easy for people to turn a blind eye to their daily maintenance. The maintenance method of the scraper is very simple. In addition to cleaning glass windows, it is also best to wipe the wiper blade with glass cleaning fluid, so that the life of the wiper will be longer. If it is cleaned by the car wash shop, you can remind the shop assistant to do this work for you. Put the wiper switch at various speed positions and check whether the rain and rain are at a certain speed at different speeds. The other is to check the state of water scraping, and whether there is a phenomenon of uneven or leaky scraping. Any of these two faults means that the blades are damaged. In addition, we should pay attention to whether there is any vibration and abnormal sound in the rain.

Regular inspection should not be less

The method of checking the wiper is very simple, spray some cleaning fluid, and then open the wiper, pay attention to whether it moves smoothly, listen to whether there is a larger “ scrape ” if some, it means that the wiper is overpressing the glass, it must be properly adjusted and corrected. When the rain scavenges from one to two, see if there is water left on the windshield, and see if there will be any scratches. If it is obvious, it means that the scraping strips on the wiper are aging and the new strips should be replaced.

if all kinds of fault phenomena are complete, check the wiper blade. The method is to pull up the rain wiper and touch it with fingers on the cleaned rubber wiper blade to check if there is any damage and the elasticity of the rubber blade. If the blade is aged, hardened and cracked, it should be replaced in time. In addition, we should also pay attention to the link to the wiper arm to match the way, because some of the arm is fixed with screws to the rocker arm, and some are used to build a convex lock.

Pay more attention to the use of the car

If the wiper lifespan is longer, it is better to avoid long exposure to the sun in the sun, and one thing to note is that many owners often only open the rain when they find the dust on the glass. In fact, it will damage the scraps and the scraps. Car glass, so before opening, you might as well spray some cleaning liquid first. Of course, manual cleaning is better. Maintenance of the wiper should also pay attention to the maintenance of the car's water spray system: adding neutral, decontamination, lubricated cleaning agents; bad cleaning fluid will corrode the spray system, wiper and automotive finish. Water filling in time to avoid the air jet motor empty.

Common problems of wiper

Banded stripe: not finding the best supporting point of the wiper wall, causing the wiper dogma not to be in full contact with the glass; improper arm pressure or superstructure damage, or even unsuitable wiper slices can lead to such phenomena.

Foggy strip mark: a layer of oily film is distributed on windshield with the use of wiper, usually caused by dirty, dirty, or wax attached to the glass; the rain scraping strip is also contaminated by the wax and oil pollution.

Fine water phenomenon: when the windshield wiper is brushed through the windshield, there are still small drops of water attached to the glass surface. This phenomenon is caused by the adhesion of the car wax, oil stains or silicides to the windshield, the glue bar or the glue strip itself.

“ Kata ” sound or piercing noise: when raining irregularly scavenging, most of them are caused by the wear of rubber strips, the damage of the brachial rod and support, and the aging of the rubber strip. When there is no lubrication, there will be rubbing when the wiper scraps the glass.

windscreen lift phenomenon: today's vehicle aerodynamics is common, especially in the long scale wiper. This phenomenon occurs when a vehicle is driven at high speed and is blown up by wind-driven wind.

Glue bar cracking: the use of glue strips has a certain life, through the ravage of cold and hot acid and alkali, hardened cracking or exfoliation is unavoidable, some raining scraper will fall off the wiper arm directly, if the quality of the adhesive tape, the time of damage will be faster.

glue strip hardening: due to the direct change of sunlight and high temperature, the rain glue strips are hardened and lose elasticity.

damage to superstructure: damage caused by ice scoop or external force, resulting in structural damage of wiper.

corrosion or rubber strip wear: the bad weather, improper use of the cleaning products or unqualified adhesive strip formula will cause the edge of the wiper blade to be worn or worn completely.

Adhesive strip fouling: most of the reasons for the formation of oil stains for a long time hoarding on the rain, the attached rain wiper will produce gaps between the windshield and the windshield, and can not reach the effect of full water scraping. When the windshield wiping occurs in the above situation and can not be solved in time, your wiper will further deteriorate and scratch the glass, which will seriously affect the safety of driving.

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