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In summer, the hot, humid, hot and humid temperature, the frequent rain, and the sand in the air all threaten the normal use of the car wiper, which will seriously cause the hardening of the rubber edge, the deformation, the dry crack and so on. The importance of wipers for safe driving is self-evident. When heavy rain blur the vision, if there is not a conscientious wiper to wipe the dirty rain, the consequences can be imagined. Only then did you realize that there was a pair of &ldquo, and that the &rdquo's windshield wipers were too late. In order to fully protect traffic safety, you can not slack off the maintenance of wipers. The following tips must be kept in mind!

Maintenance of rain wiper in summer rainy days

(1) the correct cleaning of the wiper:

in the dusty and dusty northern cities, sand is the main cause of windshield wiper wear. Hiding in the windshield wiper and windshield, the invisible wear is increasing day by day. If you do not pay attention to cleanliness at ordinary times, the hard use will cause the wiper and windshield to be loosened and loosened, which will cause more wear and tear. The correct way is to lift the wiper and wash it in the direction of the rubber strip when washing the car or washing the wiper. Be sure to treat it gently.

the wiper on the rear window should not be lazy when it is maintained.

(two) avoid high temperature exposure as far as possible:

This is the same as the truth when snow in winter. The intense heat of summer will test the rubber material of the wiper. It will cause great damage to the material for a long time, causing deformation or loss of elasticity. Please remember to erect the wiper after each stop, so that the wiper is always attached to the glass. But I'm afraid this little move is seldom implemented. But you can easily do the maintenance of the wiper without any difficulty.

(three) use of protective agents:

the glue protector length on the market is usually a gift from the cleaning products. It can increase the lubricity on the wiper and extend the flexibility of the wiper.

a bone Wiper should pay more attention to cleaning and lubrication at the skeleton.

(four) say goodbye to ammonia cleaning agent:

The so-called ammonia cleaning agent, is the general household laundry soap or other household cleaning products, is the cause of the killers of the adhesive strip hardening, so it is suggested that the owner or help the car to choose the special cleaning agent for the car. Another important thing to remind is that different detergents must not be mixed. It is very likely that there will be chemical substances that cause corrosion to the wiper brush, which will cause damage to the wipers.

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