Do not use hot water to remove snow in winter. It is dangerous to remove snow with wipers

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after entering winter, due to temperature, weather and other factors, vehicle maintenance and driving skills are more important than other seasons. Many owners who have recently become owners of cars have some problems and misunderstandings in the use of vehicles in winter.

Reduce the temperature difference inside and outside the vehicle, and make the best use of the external circulation function.

When the temperature suddenly changes, especially after the sudden rain, most of the closed cars inside the window glass and front and rear windshields cover a layer of fog, some car owners take the window removing fog method, some car owners use air conditioning defog method, some car main crisp direct wiping with a rag. So which method is more effective?

Changan SUZUKI Mingwei, Xi'an4S store Mr. Zang, the service manager, has made several moves for the owner. Mr. Zang said that the window glass and the front and back windshield frost are mainly caused by the difference between the temperature and the inside and outside of the car, so the difference between the inside and outside of the car should be changed if you want to defrost.

Some owners can not achieve defrosting effect when using defrosting function. The important thing is that there is no opening of the external circulation function of the vehicle, the carriage and the outside can not carry out air circulation, the temperature of the interior of the carriage is getting higher and higher, which eventually leads to the frosting of the glass. Therefore, to solve this problem, it is first to be opened Car defrosting function, then open the outer circulation, so that the mist on the glass can be removed effectively.

Mr. Zang stressed that it is necessary to keep the car dry in the car, and to use the external circulation function as far as possible to prevent the frosting, and some defrosting products on the market will also have some effect. The principle is to deposit an oily film on the car glass and prevent the condensation of water vapor on the glass.

The body is full of snow and never flush with hot water

removing fog and frost in the vehicle, what should we do if the body is covered with snow? Chevrolet Han Xiansheng, head of electrical and mechanical maintenance of.4S shop, has provided us with several ways. Mr. Han especially stressed that the owners of the car who woke up to find that the car body was full of snow must not use hot water. When hot water was in contact with the car lacquer and glass at a low temperature, it was likely to cause damage to the car and glass.

The correct method should be used in a basin of constant warm water before and after the windshield and window glass. When the snow that does not affect the line of sight is removed, it is possible to drive on the road first. As the vehicle temperature rises, the body's snow will naturally melt.

Mr. Han also pointed out the misunderstandings of many owners when they remove snow. Mr. Han said, “ some owners use snow wipers to remove snow is very dangerous. This may damage the wiper motor or damage the wiper blade. ” in addition, glass water should also be selected with antifreeze function. If it is not frostproof, the volume of frozen liquid will increase. It may damage the glass kettle and cause unnecessary losses.

the tire should be checked regularly when the tire is properly raised.

in addition, in winter vehicle maintenance, tires and vehicle chassis are important parts. Wide steam TOYOTA Mr. Huang, an after sales service manager at an Jun shop, tires, as the only part of the car that touches the ground, is particularly important. Especially in the condition of low temperature in winter, the normal operation of tires directly affects the safety of vehicles.

Mr. Huang said that winter owners should increase the tire pressure appropriately. Because of the expansion and contraction of the gas, the increased tire pressure can fill up with the normal tire pressure after the cold shrink of the tire, so as to ensure the safety of driving. In addition, the foreign bodies in the tire crevice should be cleaned regularly to prevent the tire burst risk caused by the tire becoming brittle due to low temperature.

the chassis system at the bottom of the car is more important after cleaning after snow. Mr. Huang said that because of the bare chassis, many colloid hose will become brittle in the low temperature condition. If the friction and scraping with the hard material will lead to the leakage of the oil, the main inspection should be to check the oil leakage in the chassis. The acidic and alkaline substances in rain and snow may corrode the chassis and rust the chassis. Chassis armor technology can effectively protect vehicle chassis.

winter “ tonic ” timely replacement of oil.

Experienced &ldquo from short sleeves to sweater; mutation ” &ldquo of temperature; ” not only to let people experience the chill, but also to remind the owner not to forget the &ldquo of the car; the oil ” advance the winter “ nourish & rdquo; to meet the soon to come “ a severe test of &rdquo. ;.

in winter, the lubricating oil can be used

“ lubricating oil is like &lsquo of automobile; blood ’ so, in season changing season, don't forget to change lubricating oil to vehicle. ” Huang Xiangdong, general manager of Lan Xiang, Shaanxi, reminding that the viscosity of the lubricating oil is very important for the protection of the engine. Only the lubricating oil has enough viscosity to ensure that the engine parts can be kept oil film between the engines at various temperatures to protect the normal operation of the engine. ”

Huang Xiangdong introduced that when replacing lubricating oil in winter, we must pay attention to choosing the viscosity of the lubricating oil. The different viscosity grades are suitable for different ambient temperatures. If the choice is improper, it is easy to cause the engine to start difficult or even start. Sometimes even if it can start, it may cause the engine oil path is not smooth, causing excessive wear of the machine parts. If the viscosity of the lubricating oil is too high, it will also increase the working resistance of the engine, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption. There are usually 6 labels for lubricants suitable for winter. According to the winter temperature in Xi'an, 10W-40 is usually chosen as lubricating oil.

“ if it is found that the abnormal value of the oil pressure gauge deviates from the normal range, it is better to make a detailed maintenance in time. ” Huang Xiangdong stressed that, “ when buying lubricating oil, as far as possible to the regular sales stores as required to select the well-known brand of lubricating oil, do not blindly greedy for cheap, misuse of counterfeit and inferior products. ”

entering winter, the replacement of antifreeze is also on the agenda. For the replacement of antifreeze, Huang Xiangdong said that the use cycle of antifreeze is usually about two years or forty thousand or fifty thousand kilometers. Under normal circumstances, the liquid surface height of the antifreeze should be between the highest and the lowest. If the color of the antifreeze is dark and muddy, the quality is reduced and the antifreeze fluid is needed. In addition, as the antifreeze in summer and autumn two season consumption will be relatively large, so before winter, it is best to do a freezing point test to determine whether the need to replace the antifreeze.

“ many car owners find that when the antifreeze fluid is insufficient, they will directly add water to the antifreeze, which is very undesirable. Because adding water to the antifreeze will dilute the concentration of the original antifreeze, reduce the freezing point of the antifreeze, and easily lead to rusting of the metal parts. &rdquo, Huang Xiangdong cautioned that the owners should pay special attention to the fact that in addition to the antifreeze liquid added to the antifreeze, we must not mix the antifreeze of different brands at the same time so as to avoid chemical reactions, produce precipitates or bubbles, and reduce the use effect. Therefore, when adding different brands of antifreeze, we must thoroughly remove the antifreeze used before. In addition, the freezing point of all kinds of antifreeze is different because of the proportion and composition of the compound. Therefore, it should be selected according to the local temperature conditions. The car owners in Xi'an choose the antifreeze solution at -25 degrees C, and the antifreezing liquid at -35 C should be used in areas like northern Shaanxi which are especially low in winter temperature.

The glass water should be “ the water is more ”

in addition to replacing lubricating oil and antifreeze, the choice of glass water is equally important. Because the choice of glass water is directly related to the driving safety of drivers. “ choose winter glass water, first of all, we must determine that glass water should have good cleaning and anti freezing performance. &rdquo, manager of Xi'an car city car decoration company, Sun Guoqing, said that &ldquo, the anti freeze performance as the choice of the benchmark, should choose ice point below the local minimum temperature of 10 degrees above the glass water. Otherwise, it will cause the glass water to be frozen, the kettle water pump malfunction and so on. In addition, due to the characteristics of the northern climate, car owners are easily affected by refraction of light and the influence of fog and static electricity during driving. Therefore, when buying glass water, it is necessary to choose products with fast melting, melting and anti glare, anti fog and antistatic effects. ”

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