How to do the car little knowledge can prolong the life of vehicle wiper?

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in recent days, the rain has not only been difficult to resist, but even the owners who are hiding in the car feel very depressed. In the heavy rain days, on the one hand, we should pay attention to driving safety and protect our cars. On the other hand, continuous heavy rain also exposes many hidden dangers of vehicles.

how to prolong the lifespan of car wiper better

The biggest problem in the rainy day is the rain, rain, heavy rain, the original is the rain wiper play the role, but it is not disagree that they either appear “ stab ” the sound, either in the practical time the rhythm of the beat, shave not to say, but also get the owners distracted.

let's not see that the wiper is a simple car component. It can be called a vehicle's rainy day protection. But its service is not in place, but it will not work. First of all, it is the drivers' view, which is related to life safety. Experts say driving is dangerous when the sight is blurred, so the use of wipers is very important in our driving.

But in real life, many owners do not pay enough attention to the use and maintenance of rain and scraping, which can cause the wiper not to work well, especially the premature damage of the wiper blade, and even the front windshield glass. According to some safety surveys, the rate of traffic accidents caused by rain scraps is several times higher than usual.

the use rate of the wiper film itself is high in the cloudy and rainy weather, and the working environment is very bad. It should face high temperature exposure, cold winter, dust, acid rain, corrosion and wind erosion, so the working life of the wiper film is also very limited.

how do we choose to use and maintain wiper blades in life? The editor of Huicong automobile repair and maintenance network has been interviewed by experts and many car owners. I hope to help the owners of the car.

Six attention to pick the wiper

there are roughly two kinds of wiper on the market: one is the traditional rest type, which is the most common wiper, ranging from three to four, and the driver adjusts according to the rain and the line of sight. Another kind of rain sensor induction has been widely used in medium and high grade cars in recent years.

pick up a good wiper. There are six matters to note.

first, first, figure out what kind of wiper blade you use for your vehicle. You can refer to the accompanying manual to see the type of wiper on it. Generally speaking, wiper blades will be sold together with metal struts, and hardly enough to sell blades. If you don't know clearly, you can help the shop assistant to identify it.

Second, attention should be paid to the matching of the link to the wiper arm, because some of the arms are fixed to the rocker arm with a screw.

Third, scrape up the rain, touch the rubber wiper on the cleaned after cleaning, check whether there is any damage, and the elasticity of the rubber blade. If the blade is aged, hardened and cracked, the wiper blade is not qualified.

fourth. During the test, the wiper switch is placed at various speed positions to check whether the speed of the wiper is maintained at different speeds. Especially in intermittent working conditions, we should also pay attention to whether the wiper blade keeps a certain speed when moving.

Fifth, check the water scraping state and whether the scraper bar is uneven or leaky. If there are three situations, it is indicated that the wiper blade is not qualified. The swing is not smooth and the wiper is not beating normally. The contact surface between the rubber and the glass surface can not be fully adhered, resulting in wiping residues. After wiping, the glass surface shows a water film state, and fine streaks, mist and linear residues are present on the glass.

Sixth, in the test, attention should be paid to the abnormal noise of the motor, especially when the scraper motor buzzes and does not turn, indicating that the mechanical transmission part of the wiper is dead or stuck, and the wiper switch should be closed immediately in order to prevent the motor from burning.

The method of proper use of wiper

attention should be paid to the proper use and maintenance of wiper blades:

once a week, regular cleaning should be carried out regularly according to the use of wiper blades to remove surface dust and sand particles. Cleaning of wiper blades and use of alkaline detergent can not be cleaned or soaked with petrol. Otherwise, wipers will be deformed and aged and affect their work.

the wiper can not be casually scraped. The most important function is to clean up the rain, and if there are other stains on the glass, it can not be used casually. No rain, no rain, never dry scraping, if there are some dust on the surface of the glass or other solid things, first use a soft cloth to clean the glass. Do not use wipers as cleaning glass, so as not to cause aging, abrasion and windscreen surface fuzzing. This will affect the use effect and shorten the service life of the scraper. Similarly, in winter, when glass surface is frozen or snow is accumulated, it should not be wiping directly. If the scraper is frozen yesterday, it should be switched off immediately after the snow is stuck.

The wiper should not be relaxed when the wiper is not used, and should always be kept at the lowest position; and the lower part of the windshield is often cleaned to prevent the foreign objects from deforming for a long time after the wiper. When a snowy day or a vehicle is to be suspended for a long time, it should be put up to keep it in a relaxed state, so that it can prevent the low temperature at night from adhesion to the scraping film and glass, and also to prevent the deformation of the rain scraping strip. If parking in the open air for a long time, the scraper should be removed and placed in the vehicle, and the head of the hanging rod should be wrapped in soft cloth so as not to damage the glass.

Half a year to a year to change according to the majority of the owners, the general private car wiper piece about half a year to about a year or so, it will be such a problem. That is to say, the durability of our wipers is not very high. During the use of the wiper, it is easy to cause damage to the wiper blade if it is not used properly, which is also related to the material of the wiper itself. In addition, wiper blades of any material will deteriorate due to environmental factors. This is why some owners will say that my wiper has not been used at all. In fact, wipers are not used. Exposure to sunlight for a long time will also cause the wipers to age.

When the rain is scraped over several times, there is a wider zone in any area, or a thin layer of water in some area, or a shave that produces a vertical stripe. It means that the windshield is no longer properly attached to the front windshield and its support has been deformed. It has already affected our main field of vision. Under these circumstances, it is urgent to replace wiper blades.

Experts suggest that the wiper film should be replaced half a year to one year, even in the north, because of the low rain in the north, the rubber texture of the scraper itself can not be avoided by the harsh environment of the outside world.

Replacement suggestion: replacement without bone raining scraping

the boneless wiper is relative to the conventional wiper, of course, the more the fulcrum is, the more the better, because the more the fulcrum, the more uniform the force of the wiper is, and the more it is in contact with the glass. No bone rain has no scaffold, so it looks more simple, it uses the entire wiper piece itself to pressurize, which is equivalent to all the force points, so the design of bone free wiper is more effective than conventional wiper and is helpful to improve the best field of vision.

no bone wiper is easy to replace. If the car has original boneless wiper, it can be replaced directly, and even the rocker does not need to be replaced. However, no bone wiper is more expensive and better quality than ordinary wipers, but if the owner wants to change, it is best to contact the regular distributors.

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