Rain driving, pay attention to rational use of wiper / defrost / lighting

Category:Body maintenance - Date:2018-04-08

in the summer, rainy days are getting more and more. So how can we ensure driving safety on rainy days when the visibility of the road is low and the visibility of the driver is limited? Next is the ant king used car briefly summarizes several rainy days driving matters needing attention.

Driving in the rain should keep straight and low speed, keep a safe distance from the front car, do not follow the heavy truck, drive in heavy rain, keep a certain distance from the front car, do not be too close to the car, and do not overtake more frequently. Generally speaking, the distance between the rainy days is twice the distance from the clear day. Especially when overtaking a large vehicle, the splash of the cart will cause the driver to see the situation outside the car for a few seconds, so it is easy to have an accident. If you need to stop, it is best to start slowing down 100 meters ahead, light the brakes, leaving enough time to deal with the vehicles behind.

driving in the city on rainy days needs special attention to pedestrians on the road. Pedestrians have umbrellas and raincoats on rainy days, and their vision and hearing will be affected to some extent. Therefore, when encountering pedestrians, we should slow down and slow down in advance. When driving in the rain at night, the ground will reflect light due to accumulated water, and changing the light near and near properly will help to detect obstacles ahead.

in addition to driving cautiously while driving on rainy days, it is necessary to open the wiper in time. When the weather is dim, we should also turn on the low light and fog lights. When you are driving in heavy rain, your sight is not as good as others' eyes. Therefore, when you turn on headlights and fog lamps, you can make your back behind you. Car Find you early, avoid collision. If the front windshield has frost gas, it needs to open the cold air and blow the cold air into the front windshield; if the rear windshield has frost, the rear windshield heater should be opened to remove the frost as soon as possible so as not to see the vehicle behind.

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