Watch out for the double injuries of occupants and cars

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every time a door is opened, a heat wave comes to the surface. The hot leather seats are really impossible to sit down. A few days ago, it was packed with cloth, but it was still hot. He often had to endure the heat and heat to sit down and turn on the air conditioner. He also had prickly heat and felt very uncomfortable.

Expert recruitment: cooling agent + cool seat cushion

In addition to not stopping the car Sunshine below, it is suggested to use the sun shading foil baffle, the quick acting cooling agent, and install the cool cushion. With the cooling agent sprayed to the seat, the steering wheel, and so on Car part of the dry ice evaporated rapidly with heat and absorbed the heat on the surface of the cushion and cooled rapidly. It is recommended to use bamboo fiber, bamboo charcoal, linen, silk, buffalo skin and other materials to install cool cushion. In addition, a solar cooling device can also reduce the heat inside the vehicle.

The sun is hard to hide out of the skin

Miss Shen is good in skin and red in white. But after buying a car in May, I noticed that my skin had changed slowly. First, the hands of the steering wheel were sunburned, and then the skin became rough. Then the skin on the face and chest was also spotted. To this, Miss Shen is very distressed. She thought a lot of ways, such as sunscreen, sunshade, big eaves and hat, and still couldn't hide the scorching sun. To restore the original skin. In desperation, she had to choose not to drive.

Expert recruitment: efficient septum + ingenious dressing

often driving, the skin will be sunburned, but it will not be as serious as Miss Shen. It is estimated that the UV barrier function of the explosion-proof membrane is too bad, and it hurts the skin. It is suggested to replace the film with high UV resistance to the regular brand explosion-proof membrane merchants. At the same time, master the way to wear clothes. The sunscreen ability of clothes depends on the quality of the clothes. Two is color, for example, the SPF value of the cotton is about 15-40; the SPF value of the polyester light color clothes is about 7-10; the SPF value of the knitted light clothes is about 4-9. A colored cotton T-shirt has better filtering effect than white, so wearing colored clothes while driving can help the owner protect himself. For bare hands and arm skin, lightweight gauze shawls, sleeve sleeves and cool gloves should be worn.

Often sunning the sun's body darkened and dimmed

under the scorching sun, people can not stand insolation. No, Xiao Qin recently discovered that he had only bought more than a year's love car. If you want to buy it, you will be able to appreciate it if you just wash it back. Now, no matter how to do it, it doesn't help. Finally, in the case of4S store persuaded to choose polishing, but never again. He was a little annoyed and a bit suspicious of the car paint problem, but he was not sure.

Expert recruitment: glaze + sunshade

according to the description of Xiaoqin, it should not be the problem of the paint itself. It is very likely that the paint is not in good condition, and the sun and rain will cause the paint to lose its luster. In order to prevent damage to the surface paint of the sun by high temperature and ultraviolet radiation, the car should be parked in a cool place and wash and wax frequently. If you want to make a more thorough protection for the paint of your car, you should apply the mask to the car and seal the glaze. Because automobile glaze can form a protective glaze on the automobile lacquer surface, it can effectively prevent the automobile lacquer surface from being exposed directly, and has the function of anti ultraviolet. If you stop in the hot sun for a long time, you can also buy a whole car sun shield to protect the body from being damaged.

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