Autumn car maintenance air conditioning filter replacement is particularly important

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-08

it is called a cold autumn rain. When autumn comes, the color changes with the leaves, which means that the hot summer days have already begun to leave us. Usually in this precious autumn day, self driving and suburban outings can not be less, but the use of cars in the autumn is also exquisite, the maintenance of air air conditioning filter is very important.

under normal circumstances, the maintenance period of the air-conditioner filter is about once a year, and it is best to increase once every season. Take the autumn maintenance as an example, after the summer, in the use of air conditioning easy to smell, at this time you can dismantle the air conditioner filter cartridge cleaning, economic and affordable.

the function of the air filter element is to filter out the debris and impurities in the air, so as to ensure the normal operation of the engine. During the operation of the engine, impurities such as dust and metal debris will continuously be mixed into the cylinder. The fog and haze weather, the air in the water and pollution particles more, easy to gather and solidify after inhalation, will cause the engine air exchange is not smooth, the longer time will increase oil consumption.

the function of the air conditioning filter element is to prevent haze from entering the air conditioning system. Water and dust will be left on the filter element, which will easily breed bacteria. After starting the air conditioning, not only affects the air intake quantity, but also causes the fan and the pipeline to be polluted, produces a series of questions. It is usually replaced in the autumn and replaced after winter.

Visible, air air conditioning filter seems not to start, but in the daily driving for the air and the engine work still has a more important role, remind you of the owners in the fall, in the fall, do not forget the air air conditioning filter change!

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