The strange uncle saved the rich hand to teach you to change the tire

Category:Tire maintenance - Date:2018-04-08

sunny weather and cloudless weather. What is suitable for outing and appointments? Blind date! The atypical cake, rich and handsome small L, in order to succeed in his 100th blind date, by buying water to buy pancakes, laughing and tossing the eyes and kneeling to friends, finally borrowed the real “ Gao Fu Shuai ” — tiger son. When the accident happened, he had to turn to the enigmatic fat man.

The strange uncle incarnate “ the green man ” to save Gao Fu handsome, the common saying that the clever woman is difficult to make rice cooking, the strange uncle again the vast majority no tools also can not save the tiger son. If your original vehicle is not equipped with these tools, go to the auto parts city to buy a set for emergency needs. Pay attention to the model of the tool to suit your own car.

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