Life safety, care and maintenance of vehicle brake pads

Category:Braking system - Date:2018-04-08

brake shoes are vital to safety and must be treated with caution.

check the brake shoe once every 5000 km under the normal running condition of.1., not only to check the remaining thickness, but also to check the wear of the hoofs, whether the degree of wear on both sides is the same, whether the back position is free and so on, it is found that the abnormal condition must be dealt with immediately.

2. brake shoes are generally made up of two parts, iron lining and friction materials. They must not wait until the friction material is worn out before replacing the shoe. For example, the front brake shoe of the Jetta, the thickness of the new film is 14 millimeters, and the replacement limit thickness is 7 millimeters, including 3 millimeter iron liner thickness and nearly 4 millimeter friction material thickness. Some vehicles are equipped with brake shoe alarm function. Once the wear limit is reached, the instrument will alarm to replace the shoe. The hoofs that have reached the limit of operation must be replaced. Even if they can still be used for a period of time, they will also reduce the braking effect and affect the safety of driving.

replace the brake pads provided by the original spare parts when replacing the.3.. Only in this way can the braking effect between the brake disc and the brake disc be best and wear is minimal.

4. must use special tools to replace the brake sub pump when replacing the hooves. It can not be hard pressed back by other crowbar, which will easily lead to the bending of the brake guide screws and block the brake pads.

after.5. is replaced, we must step on several foot brakes to eliminate the gap between the shoe disc and the brake disc, resulting in the first foot without brakes, and prone to accidents.

after the replacement of.6. brake shoes, it is necessary to run in 200 kilometers to achieve the best braking effect.

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