Five mistaken ideas for winter car use windows, ice, and no boiling water

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frequent visits to rain and snow make it a problem for owners to maintain their cars on snowy days. Some owners think that the window ice is frozen with hot water, deicer is the fastest; some owners think that the skid chain is arranged on which wheel can be done on which wheel; some owners do not ask the car regardless of the snow after snow, and listen to … … because of these improper treatment, the car is made or light or heavy damage to the car, we may as well below. Let's take a look at the mistakes made by these owners.

Misunderstanding one: window icing and water pouring

Ms. Xu, the owner of the car Car Maintain “ know nothing about ” admit that you are &ldquo in this area; rookie ” no, this time it snowing, she has done stupid things. It was snowed all night. In the morning, Ms. Xu found that her love body was covered with ice and snow. She took a bucket of hot water for granted. She thought that a hot bath for the car could drive out the cold, but when she did not know, the windshield of the car suddenly burst.

warm hint: Master Zhang of a car beauty decoration shop told reporters that if you want to remove ice, you can start the engine first, open the warm air in the car, use the ice and snow shovel for the car glass, and remove the ice slowly from the ice seam. If you take a hot bath after the snow, it is a devastation to the car, because the sudden change of temperature will hurt the car paint, make it gradually lose its gloss, and the windshield of the car may also crack in the hot water. After the snow washing can not be washed directly with cold water, especially after the heating of the engine, the temperature of the front part of the car is high, and the cold water cleaning will cause the rapid cooling, and it is very bad for the surface paint. At this point, the correct way to wash the car is to start the car to open the warm air system on the car, and then rub the car with warm water. After washing, the door should be opened to dry up the water and prevent the residual water from freezing. Don't force switches when windows are frozen, especially electric windows.

solution: the reason for the glass freezing is that after people leave the car, there is still heat in the car, so that the temperature of the car glass is higher than that outside the car, and the snow falls on the glass. In the melting process, the temperature of the car is gradually reduced to the same time as the outside of the car, the melting snow on the glass begins to freeze; after ice, the ice will be frozen again. The falling snowflakes will no longer melt and cover the ice like quilts. In the morning, the snow on the glass is easy to handle, and the broom is swept away. The most worrying thing is the next layer of ice. By observing and analyzing, when you use the snowy day, you can try to use the car in one day, not immediately lock the car and walk, but open the ventilation on both sides of the car. When the temperature in the car is reduced to the same as that outside the car, the power is opened and the residual snow on the windshield is brushed out with the wiper, then the door is closed and the good car is locked. . On the second morning, as soon as the snow on the windshield was swept away and there was no ice under the snow, it could be driven on the road immediately.

Misunderstandings two: do not wash the car in time after the snow

In the rain and snow weather, the owner of the car is always used to wait until the weather is clear and clear the car again, “ the day is still snow, and the sky is clear again, otherwise the car just finished, if the snow will not be washed again once again. ” so the car washing was dragged up in a few days of bad weather, but the result made Mr Li regret that when he washed the car, he found that the lacquer was not as lustrous as it was.

for this chef, it is necessary to wash the car in time after snow. Even if the weather forecast shows that there will be snow in the next few days, do not shuffle not to wash the car. As long as it is covered with snow, it is necessary to wash away the snow with clear water. Snow contains corrosive components, whether it is lacquer, chassis or tires, hubs, long-term snow cover will cause harm. In addition, when washing vehicles in the open air, it is easy to pour into the keyhole. When the weather is cold after snow, it is easy to freeze the lock core. Therefore, before washing the car, it is best to use glue tape to lock the keyhole to prevent water intake. Wash the car with a car wash machine. The water mist is uniform, and the door is frozen. If you freeze it and use the lighter to burn the key, you can easily open the locked lock.

Solution: if it is expected to snow at night and have to stop the car outside, you can prepare a newspaper or plastic film to cover the body and even prepare a set of car clothes in advance.

so that second days as soon as the newspaper is lightly lifted, the ice and snow all shake off, the vehicle can not see the traces of ice and snow, and there is no need to wash the car frequently.

Misunderstandings three: rain and snow day at night tighten hand brake

Because the snow made the road freezing, Mr. Guo stopped the car in his own house at night. In order to prevent the car from running, he deliberately tightened the hand brake. As a result, when he drove on the second day, he found that the car was not as light as before. The reaction of the oil door was not as sensitive as it was before, and the speed of the lift became somewhat dull, and the speed of the car could only be guaranteed. At 80~100 kilometers per hour, the car starts to tremble if it exceeds 100 kilometers per hour. When he drove the vehicle to the maintenance service station, he found that the handbrake was frozen.

solution: after the rain and snow, there will be snow water on the brake disc. If you pull the handbrake for second days in the morning, the disc may be frozen in the morning. If the owner stops for a long time at night in the rain and snow, it is better to stop the car on the flat road, hang the car on the gear and find the support for the fixed vehicle, so that the brake disc can be avoided as much as possible.

Misunderstandings four: antiskid chain can be installed casually

“ it's snowing. Because the snow is slippery on the way, I think everyone else's car is equipped with a skid chain, so I want to ask what is required to buy the antiskid chain. ” Mr. Lee, a car owner, called the reporter recently, hoping to know what to pay attention to when using the skid chain.

Solution: the car beauty decoration shop Master Zhang said, first of all to confirm that your car is the front wheel drive or rear wheel drive, because the chain must be installed on the main role of the tire. In particular, automatic car blocking should be paid attention to, in the two front wheel (rear wheel) at the same time installed skid chain, not only on a wheel on the use of antiskid chain, so it is easy to damage the automatic transmission gearbox. In addition, the anti-skid chains also have size limitations, which are suitable for different hub sizes and tire width. After installing the antiskid chain, the speed should not exceed 50 kilometers per hour. When driving, avoid brakes, forward, sharp turns and continuous idling. When driving on non ice and snow roads, avoid walking on a dry road with a sharp edge material and bad driving. When the vehicle enters the road without using the skid chain, it should be removed in time.

Misunderstanding five: the wiper is frozen in hard start

“ after this snow, the temperature is really low. My car stops in the open parking space. When it starts in the morning, I find there is ice on the window. After a simple wipe, I open the wiper. ” Mr. Zhou, who had just bought a car soon, opened the wiper, and did not think that the wiper was stuck on the window glass because it was frozen. The hard wiper turned on the wiper and damaged the wiper motor.

solution: in winter cold weather, before using wipers, check whether the scrapers are frozen on the windows. If you go out in the morning and find the windshield wiper or the frost on the windshield, do not use hot water to wash it directly, so that the window can be cracked and the wiper is deformed easily. The right way is to turn the air conditioner to the hot air, blow the wind mode to &ldquo, windshield &rdquo, block, and the wiper will be naturalized in a while. It is simple and labor-saving, and it will not cause physical damage to the rain brush. In addition, when the snow stops for a long time, the wiper can be set up to prevent the wipers from freezing.

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