Select the most suitable engine oil performance difference and correct selection

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the working principle of the gasoline engine and the diesel engine is different from the diesel engine, and the different requirements are put forward on the oil, which reflects the formulation system of the engine oil. Although all additive additives include detergent, dispersant and antioxygen and anti-corrosion agent, the proportion of the addition is different because of the difference in the problem solving. The low temperature oil sludge of the gasoline engine is more prominent, so the proportion of the dispersant added is larger than that of the diesel engine, and the high temperature cleaning and the anti oxygen problem of the diesel engine are outstanding, so it is clear. In addition, some alkyl phenolic salts (such as LZ6499, LZ6500) should be added to the compound additive formula of CD grade diesel oil, which is larger than gasoline engine oil, especially for heavy load, to solve the problem of high temperature anti oxygen and corrosion resistance. Related reading: how to tell whether the car is in the “ burn the oil ” the residual oil; how to handle and replace the oil; environmental protection is more economical.

Selection of single grade oil and multistage oil

the single grade oil, such as 5W, 30, 40, only accords with a single level in the viscosity classification of SAE engine oil (SAEJ300Apr.84), and has strict requirements for the applicable ambient temperature, for example, the minimum temperature applicable to SAE40 is 0 C, and the multilevel oil can meet multiple viscosity levels at the same time, such as SAE15W/40, which means that its low temperature performance can satisfy 15W and high. The temperature viscosity can reach 40, and the viscosity level is over 5. Therefore, multistage oil can be used all the year round.

Because the multilevel oil has good low temperature flow and pumping performance and high temperature lubrication, it is the best choice to choose the multistage oil, such as the selection of SAE5W/30 in the northern region, the selection of SAE15W/40 in the Central Plains, and the selection of 20W/50 in the south, but the price of the multilevel oil is much more expensive than the single grade oil. Single grade oil can also be used in some seasons, such as the use of SAE30 in the northern spring and autumn season, the use of SAE40 in summer, the use of SAE40 in the middle area except for winter, the use of SAE30 in the southern winter, the use of SAE40 in the spring and autumn season, and the use of SAE50 in summer (the relationship between the viscosity level of single and multistage oil and the suitable temperature, as shown in Figure 1). For vehicles running all over North and south, multistage oil, such as SAE15W/40, must be used.

Selection of oil viscosity

From the point of view of the development of automobile manufacturing technology, the manufacturing of the engine is more and more precise and its output is developing to high power and high load. From the angle of the change of vehicle environment, with the continuous development of the freeway, the time of the car running in the high temperature and high speed environment is constantly lengthening, which all put forward the oil more. Harsh requirements. From the economy of maintenance, the lubricating performance of the high school oil is excellent, the machine parts are not easy to wear, the repair cost falls, the oil changing cycle of the high school oil can reach 8000~10000km, the synthetic oil is up to 15000~25000km. Therefore, it is recommended that SF or SG grade be used for gasoline engines, CD or CE for diesel engines, or general purpose oil for SF/CD and SG/CD. At present, there are so many fake and inferior oil products in the market. It is best to choose the famous brands of oil such as the Great Wall and Shell Shell. In addition, in use, we should be diligent in checking and timely replenishment, and develop a good habit of changing oil regularly.

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