Easy to be drunk food is best not to eat before driving

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-08

data show that many foods, beverages and medicines contain alcohol.

food: tofu, fruit beer (hops in ingredients), drunken crab (snails, shrimps), beer ducks, fermented glutinous rice balls, and bad chicken (meat). The cooking habits of Chinese dishes should be added to the cooking process of many dishes. In addition, apples, bananas and pears with high sugar content, such as improper storage, produce alcohol.

medicine: some Chinese patent medicines such as Patchouli Zheng Qi water contain alcohol, easy to be detected “ drunk driving ” Some injection also contains ethanol, such as Hydrocortisone Injection, Nimodipine Injection, Xueshuantong injection, Nicergoline Injection, docetaxel and so on. Oral rinse and mouthwash are easy to detect “ alcohol driving ”

The records of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia show that some of the following varieties contain alcohol: water, bone water, ten drops of water, cough and asthma syrup such as oral liquid; parasitic chore, Shiquan tonic wine, Shu Chuang activating collaterals wine, Hu Fengjiu, national Gong wine, Feng Feng's rheumatic drop wine, and three and two half medicinal liquor; Yun Xiang expelling wind Tincture, Jiang Ding, Belladonna Tincture, Radix Polygala tincture and other tincture. It does not include tincture, liniment, spray and so on.

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