Driving cell phone is dangerous, not less than driving after drinking

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Driving on the phone from “ fined ” becoming “ warning ” the citizens are worried that accidents will increase in future accidents and call for &ldquo to call on the motorway; severely punish ”

driving cell phone is not less dangerous than driving after drinking.

on the 12 th of.7, the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau announced that 10 types of minor traffic offences were no longer fined, only oral or written warning education. At the same time, the owner can post a penalty decision on the Internet, and pay a fine directly to the bank without having to travel to the traffic police department. Traffic police said that the above measures to benefit the people have been implemented since July 6th, and have received widespread attention and praise from the public.

In these changes, the punishment of driving on the phone is the most concern, especially on the punishment of the illegal act of driving the phone from the original “ a fine of 200 yuan, a record of 2 ” a “ a warning ” this makes many people worried that drivers are driving more and more violations of the rules and traffic. Traffic Accidents will also increase.

Status quo: the driver knows the harm but is lucky.

“ the most annoying person on the road is a particularly slow driver. If he follows him, he will hold back the fire. ” Mr. Wang, the private owner of the car, said.

“ driving on the phone is dangerous and distracted, so the reaction will be slow. ” when Miss Luo is on the road, she will surely avoid if she sees a car driving far away.

“ there's a phone call, it doesn't seem impolite, and it's dangerous to drive, but now the roadside can't stop at will, so I always choose to pick up the phone and drive in the conflict. ” Lao Liu, who is engaged in foreign trade work, reluctantly told reporters.

almost all drivers and pedestrians interviewed by reporters know that this is not good for driving. But the reality is that many drivers don't seem to be able to cut off the phone ringing when driving. Many owners even think that they are good at driving skills. There is nothing wrong with calling a cell phone while driving. A private car owner even complained to reporters that most sections of the city do not offer the side parking conditions and are fined on the side of the roadside. He would rather slow down and drive carefully by phone.

research shows that many traffic accidents are caused by text messages or phone calls while driving. Traffic police point out that the risk of driving when driving is the same as that of drunk driving, increasing the probability of traffic accidents; while driving while driving can affect traffic, blocking roads and prolonging road commuter time.

a study by the University of Utah in the United States indicates that people who call on the phone are less likely to change the driveway by 20% in the middle and high density of traffic, and the ability to respond to emergencies is much slower than those who do not call. This study points out that this kind of behavior has little effect on road conditions, but it is easy to cause traffic jams when encountering dense traffic sections.

the difficulty of monitoring: the difficulty in the punishment of the police in law enforcement

the number of people driving cell phones is too great, and the damage is too great. Once &ldquo, a fine of 200 yuan and a score of 2 points &rdquo is not not harsh, but why is it hard to put an end to it? In fact, when a lot of drivers answer or dial a cell phone, the traffic police are generally not present and there is no monitoring equipment on the road, so driving the phone becomes a fundamentally incapable act; and when the driver who drives the phone sees a traffic police in front of it, it will put the phone down in the hand and wait for the vehicle to open to see it. The police place to continue “ cooker the phone porridge ”

A traffic police in the middle road of the city told reporters that in the ordinary law enforcement, in a month because of driving the phone was successful “ caught ” and there are few illegal acts of punishment. But he stressed that this does not mean that drivers who drive on the phone are few. On the contrary, they are numerous and difficult to control. The traffic police said they would rarely catch up and punish the driver because he saw the driver driving the phone. Unless the vehicle is just in the vicinity of the intersection and let the police catch the &ldquo on the phone, the scene acts ” otherwise, the driver is not only liable to repudiate, but the police are also difficult to punish. Telephone calls are one of the most difficult to collect evidence in traffic offenses usually punished by traffic police.

the stone of other hills: overseas “ driving cell phone ” going to jail.

at present, more than 50 countries in the world are not allowed to make phone calls. New regulations on road traffic safety in Britain even stipulate that once the behavior of the caller is found, the maximum sentence will be two years in prison. Singapore has a maximum fine of 1000 yuan ($600) and imprisonment for 6 months for the first offenders who drive on the phone. The maximum penalty for recidivism is 2000 yuan and 1 years' imprisonment.

At the end of last year, a Bluetooth car key was invented by the University of Utah in the United States. When users call while driving, the Bluetooth key can be forced to close the cell phone. ZhouXuesong, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University, said: “ the purpose of this device is to avoid distraction when driving. ”

industry regulation: severely punish the high speed road telephone phenomenon.

in the interview with reporters, many professional drivers said that companies were not allowed to drive to make phone calls, and they would generally obey. But in fact, taxi drivers with greater freedom are more likely to follow the rules and some cars are posted on &ldquo, and passengers are asked to monitor the driver and don't call &rdquo. The FAW bus master Li told the reporter: “ after the new regulations, in order to ensure the safety of passengers, the company has not changed the demand for not to call when the car is driving. ”

The relevant personages of the City Public Security Police Department say, according to the current measures, when driving the vehicle, call and answer the phone, the warning immediately after the correction can be exempt from punishment; but for the driving vehicles on the highway and passenger vehicles, the driver dials and calls the phone and will still be severely punished according to law. Traffic police point out that it is illegal for drivers to call and answer the phone when they are driving. The most important thing is to improve the professional moral quality and safety awareness of the driver.

Initiative: driving without calling or sending short messages

“ driving to call ” although it will not face traffic police fines, it is a traffic violation affecting our driving safety. Here we also give the majority of drivers the initiative: try not to call and answer the phone on the way, not send text messages, in order to reduce the risk of driving and influence the traffic of other vehicles. Before you answer or dial the phone, you may wish to take the following measures:

1, let the deputy drive the phone

If you have an incoming call on the way, you may have a friend or family sitting on your side, at least their hands don't need to be busy driving, and there's no need to be afraid to be distracted.

2, wearing headphones or Bluetooth hands-free

If you don't have to answer the phone, listen to the phone by using headphones or using Bluetooth hands-free, at least they can also hold your hands on the steering wheel. If you often need to drive and have more telephone calls, it is safer to install a car phone or a car Bluetooth hands-free phone than to hold a mobile phone with your hand.

3, only not to play, brief speech

when driving, the phone will only be connected to the phone. If the phone is not available, tell the other person directly that he is driving and then hang up.


when you meet a non urgent emergency call on the road, make sure you find a parking area, then stop the vehicle and make a call. It's safer than you drive by phone.

public opinion: legislative restrictions on car phone

driving on the phone will be a warning no more. In this way, more and more private cars on the road will bring more adverse consequences to the traffic. Many citizens have expressed concern about this.

in the random interviews with reporters on the street, many citizens prefer to call &ldquo by driving, and punish &rdquo severely. “ the original driving call was fined 200 yuan and 2 points. I think that even if we face the problem of punishment, it can be a certain punishment and deterrent to the present treatment. ” small pottery, working near Kecun Road, Guangzhou Avenue, welcomed the newly announced measures of the people's convenience for the people, but they made a difference to the &ldquo of the way to drive the phone and to modify the &rdquo. He believes that the traffic regulations themselves should be forced to be forced by strict punishment. If they are exempt from fines and deductions for reasons such as evidence, the legality of driving on the phone is the default.

some people even think that many existing vehicles have devices like &ldquo and &rdquo, which should be legislated. “ I think the danger of driving on the phone is not only because one hand is connected to the phone, but the steering wheel is easy to handle in one hand, but it also affects the driver's attention and judgment. ” Mr. Wang, the private owner, told reporters that many of the car phone calls are also a stealth device that interferes with the safety of the car, and it should be banned in a clear way.

10 new minor traffic offences exempt from fines.

1, driving motor vehicles without vehicle driving license and driving permit can provide valid certificates or certificates in time.

2, unqualified inspection marks and insurance signs for motor vehicles can be placed according to regulations after being pointed out.

3, not carrying the insurance signs with the car, but the scene investigation confirmed that motor vehicles had insured motor vehicles compulsory insurance.

4, motor vehicle drivers during the internship period, driving motor vehicles do not paste the practice marks according to regulations.

5, suspension and placement of obstructing driver's sight items in the front and rear windows of motor vehicles.

6, except for motorway vehicles and passenger vehicles, dial and answer calls when driving vehicles, and correct them immediately after warnings.

7, driving motor vehicles exceeding the speed limit within 10 km.

8 and the fixed sealing device of motor vehicle license plate fall off.

9, motor vehicles are parked outside the carriageway and sidewalk without affecting the safe passage of other vehicles and pedestrians.

10, passenger car dismantling back seat.

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