Be a smart car bishop. You have five practical skills for rookie repair

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The driver's doubts

Which repair factory is chosen to repair the car?

the owner of Mr. Liu's car has just had some unexpected problems after the warranty period, which makes him very upset. Where should I repair the car? Small shops are cheap, and big stores are expensive. In order to save money, I want to go to the store, but I worry about &ldquo. I don't want to spend too much money on &rdquo.

What does this do?

Expert interpretation

a reliable maintenance plant must be selected. The main indicators include quality (technical level, quality of service), price, scale (reliability, after-sales service, quality guarantee cycle), claim and so on.

general scale maintenance factories have no bargaining room. We often say that shops are bullying: factories are big and the momentum is big. Although factory size does not represent all aspects of good, but at least in terms of scale and technical strength has certain safeguards. While roadside shops are cheap, it is often difficult to solve problems once problems arise.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose the formal one. Car The repair plant, although the charge is a little more than the roadside store, but a little more charge will bring a very safe, long-term quality commitment to the owners, which is a very good thing.

Second recruit: far off attack

The driver's doubts

Is it good to make an appointment?

the owner of Mr. Wang said he was very busy with his work and wanted to make an appointment for maintenance. I wonder if he could do so. What other problems would he have?

Expert interpretation

telephone and online booking maintenance can not only save maintenance time, but also feel the first customer.

when making an appointment with a maintenance plant, it is necessary to describe the fault of the car as detailed and clear as possible so as to obtain the guidance of the technical personnel of the maintenance plant. By communicating with the service staff of a maintenance plant, we can not only find the quality of the staff of the maintenance plant, but also understand the technical level of the maintenance technicians in the factory: an excellent maintenance technician should be tired and detailed when asking the conditions for the failure, because only in this way can it be beneficial to the failure. The judgment of the cause. Conversely, the accuracy of troubleshooting in the rush to end communication is doubtful.


The driver's doubts

What do you do when the car is not repaired first?

Ms. Wu, after experiencing the pain of dealing with the repair shop, said: “ when it comes to repair plants, I have a headache. What should I do? ”

Expert interpretation

Before the repair, we must first adjust their mind, generally when the car is wrong, more or less will affect their emotions, with unhealthy emotions will affect your judgment, the car repair is more so. In addition, before the service, we must understand the basic technical conditions of the car that you open, such as what brand fuel oil, what brand oil, any brand antifreeze and their driving and vehicle driving characteristics.


The driver's doubts

What should I do when I can't take the car on the same day?

The car patronage said she had recently opened the car for repair, but the repair factory said the fault could not be solved the same day, and the car needs to be left to the factory. This makes Miss Gu's heart and mind, the car is his own “ the lifeblood is ” it can't be seen in the repair factory and is unrealistic.

Expert interpretation

The owner of the car is best to confirm and record the mileage, the approximate position of the indicator of the gasoline meter, the appearance of the vehicle, the spare tire and the tools, together with the repair plant. We must take away the valuables in the car so as not to have any disputes.

Fifth recruit: listen to the eight sides

The driver's doubts

does a new car have to be designated a maintenance station?

The owner of the car, Mr. Hong said, after he bought the car, Dealers Ask him to carry out maintenance and maintenance at his own maintenance station, but Mr. Hong has another plan, one is that the maintenance station is far from his home, it is not very convenient, and the two is the feeling.4S store the fittings and working hours are all expensive, and a friend of mine is opening a garage. I wonder if I can maintain and repair it in my friend's shop.

Expert interpretation

In general, after we buy a new car, the manufacturers will recommend some 4S special repair stations to us. These maintenance stations are the professional service stations of the brand, so the hardware facilities are really good, and the accessories are all from the original factory. These are the reason why we choose the 4S maintenance station. But the more important reason is that the new car user manual stipulates that if the owner does not maintain a maintenance station designated by the manufacturer during the warranty period, it is regarded as the right to voluntarily give up the claim. Therefore, if your car does not have a warranty period, you must go to the 4S shop designated by the manufacturer for routine maintenance, and the maintenance should be the same, so as to prevent the problem from becoming the manufacturer's disclaimer.

however, the after-sales service stations authorized by the manufacturers also have good and bad points. So when we come to a maintenance station, it is more mature that we do not deal with the business immediately, but should be quiet, sit in the rest area and look at it carefully and listen to it. It is mainly to observe the communication between other owners and maintenance stations, or to understand the necessary information through other customers.

In addition, the expert also reminds the owner that the key parts of the car repair must be used. No matter what parts are used, the maintenance factory must be marked on the maintenance voucher after completion.

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