Auto repair experts explain doubts and other red lights when hanging P gear habit is not desirable

Category:Repair technology - Date:2018-04-07

recently, a lot of car friends forum and friends circle spread a post saying that the automatic car is not waiting for P when waiting for the red light. Is that right? Which gear should I choose when waiting for a red light?

Recently, micro-blog WeChat wind transmission of a network Post said, open automatic block car, wait for the red light must not hang P gear, otherwise once the rear end, will seriously damage the vehicle's expensive component - gearbox. Reporters interviewed several car owners, and found that many people have the habit of hanging P blocks and other red lights.

Such as the red light hanging P block easy to hurt the car, in the end is not true. The auto repair professional Wang Zhaowu told the reporter, when the vehicle hangs P gear, the gearbox gear is in the complete lock state, if the force is suddenly pushed and pulled by the external force, it is really easy to cause the gearbox damage.

However, when waiting for a red light, the rear end is a small probability event. If you really need a long time to stop, choose to hang P gear can prevent drivers from thinking fatigue, forget to step on the brakes, pull hand brake, and cause safety hazards. When a red light is waiting, what gear should be hung? It should be decided according to the actual situation.

In addition, some owners think that driving in the urban area is often to go and stop, frequently switching between the forward and the neutral, which will reduce the life of the gearbox, so it is best to hang D and brake when the light is red. This statement is not true.

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