Where does tire noise come from and explain the ins and outs of noise?

Category:Tire maintenance - Date:2018-04-07

the tire noise is mainly determined by tires and pavement. The roughness of road surface, pavement structure and pavement material are the factors that affect the noise. In addition, the width of the tires and rims also restricts the difficulty of noise reduction. The wide tires will be more noisy because of the wider support surface. The wide tires will squeeze more air and push more &ldquo than those with a narrow size; the air mass is ” and the vibration is produced.

For a car with an engine front, the passengers sitting in the back will be more likely to detect the rolling noise of the tire, because the rear part of the body is relatively less affected by the noise and noise of the engine. At this time, the noise will be highlighted, so when we judge the noise situation, most of the choice is to sit in the back and screen.

the rolling noise that the human ear perceives comes from the sound source, which vibrates through the air medium and then enters our ears. As mentioned above, due to certain characteristics and factors, the tire noise will also be large and small, which can be summarized as the combination of road surface and tire.

the pavement structure and material have a significant impact on the noise of the tire, for example, the noise decibel level of the vehicle passing through the wet road is significantly higher than that of the vehicle passing through the dry road.

And the pattern design of the tire itself plays a leading role in the noise of the tire, for example, a tread groove of a tire is 90 degrees, and the pattern of the same type of assembly is clearly designed with sharp angle. We can also easily compare the 90 grooves of the tread on the tire noise.

The tyre of wedged rib is not stable when driving. Because it will have a large deformation in the process of rotation, the air vibrates when the air is pushed and extruded, and when the vibration is strong, it will pass through the medium of air to reach our eardrum.

it is easy to understand that the noise of a wide tire increases as the friction surface increases. In the design of the pattern, many high performance tires generally use larger “ human ” word drainage pattern, our most familiar series is the “ the extreme high boots ” the tread grooves of these types of tires will continue to squeeze and squeeze the air, and the resulting vibration must be greater than the common pattern. If the body seal is not able to resist noise, the tire noise will directly affect the ride comfort of the vehicle.

so we can sum up the noise, first of all, the size of the tire is directly determined by the size of the tire, and then the design of the tread pattern is a major factor that we can not ignore, because the groove between the tread will push the air to vibrate, and the air drainage can also make the pattern deform, maybe compression, Maybe it's bulge.

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